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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since It's Been So Long...

- I heard WFAN's Evan and what's his name (Jaren?) show this afternoon and they had on JJ Pooh-tz right after his presser. He certainly sounds like the real deal - comfortable with himself, comfortable with being the set-up guy for "Freddie", comfortable with the bright lights on New York and comfortable with a rivalry with the hated Phillies. Pooh-tz admitted he's never been a part of a rivalry before (not much to be rivals about in Seattle), but he can probably get into it.

- Speaking of Seattle, I think the Jets will win on Sunday - only because the drama that sets up for the following week against Miami - Pennington and Parcels vs. Favre and the Mangenius for first place in the East and a playoff spot. Way too juicy to not happen.

I hope.