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Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Balm For Mets Mediocrity

The trade for Brett Favre for a conditional draft pick is an excellent move by the Jets. As much as we all love Chad Pennington, with the amount of money the Jets spent in the off season to improve their team, they still left a large hole at quarterback.

Hole filled.

The Jets now have on the better quarterbacks who ever suited up starting for this coming season and maybe next. They now have the offensive line, the running game and the defense that is good enough to win. Are they a top 3 team in the AFC? No. But as the Giants proved last year, you simply need to get into the playoffs to win the Super Bowl.

Of course there are questions. How quickly will Favre learn the Jets playbook? How much magic remains in that right arm? How will Favre, used to being a god in Green Bay, deal with Eric Mangini's tough guy ways?

But for today, the Jet's trade is a celebration. The team finally stabilized the quarterback position and will hopefully have a great year.