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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Don't Sportswriters Factor In Contracts?

The Times had an article this morning on Mike D'Antoni and players on the current Knick roster that might fit his system. The two players named as the worst fits for the system were Jerome James and Zach Randolph (huge surprise). So, says the Times, Randolph is now officially trade bait. (Note, all numbers and years come from ESPN's Trade Machine)

Um...huh? Did the Times forget that Randolph has three years remaining on his contract starting at 13 million a year? Did they forget that the Knicks tried to unload Z-Dolph last year only to find no takers? Did they forget that it's hard to find a good fit for an out of shape malcontent who hogs the ball and doesn't play defense? Did they forget that the only way to trade Randolph was to take on additional salary - the absolute antithesis of everything Donnie Walsh and the Knicks say they will (and should be) do(ing)? I guess so. Sloppy reporting.

On point though:

The Knicks have a few pieces for a higher octane system - Crawford, Lee, Robinson, Chandler and Balkman. Let's also not forget that Q-Rich had his finest season under D'Antoni (however that was before his back surgery and subsequent gaining of 50 pounds. Oh and he can't shoot anymore either. Oh and how the hell does he still have two more years on his contact?). The Time suggest that surprisingly nimble Eddy Curry can be effective in the new system since D'Antoni doesn't care about defense anyway.

In short, the Knicks need to stay the course, hope to land Derrick Rose, try to unload Randolph, Marbury, James and Malike Rose without adding salary (Rose, Marbury and James may at least have some value as expiring contracts at the trade deadline - though they also have value to the KNICKS as expiring contracts at the deadline - to the tune of some 30 million dollars), keep reducing salary, hire a defense coach and start teaching the players to be the complementary pieces Lebron needs to win a championship on the biggest stage, New York.

On the bright side, I think the Walsh/D'Antoni combo will be enough to keep David Lee from bolting next year as a restricted free agent.


  • "Walsh/D'Antoni combo will be enough to keep David Lee from bolting next year as a restricted free agent."

    He can't bolt unless the Knicks decline to match offers he receives.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:28 AM  

  • Yes - I said restricted free agent. And it's possible some team will give him stupid money that the Knicks - looking to free up money for Lebron - won't be able to match.

    The point I was really making was that both Lee and Robinson have, in statements to the press, seemed less inclined to WANT to stay in NY with all the losing and with Thomas. Now Thomas is gone.

    By Blogger Elster, at 11:36 AM  

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