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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Live Blogging - D'Antoni Presser

Listening to the D'Antoni presser on WFAN.com. Some impressions:

Just got on - missed Donnie Walsh comments - they were short and sweet.

MD speaks for 30 seconds and then throws it open for questions:

- Addressing Knicks personnel (or the lack thereof) - Having Donnie is great asset (presumably talking about Walsh, not Wahlberg) - I can adjust my style (good times). We were 7 seconds or less, but we have 24 seconds or less. At least he SAYS he's open to changes as necessary.

- It's Warner Wolf! - He kills the roster - asks if the Knicks will be overhauling 50% of the roster. D'Antoni is diplomatic. If put in the right position they will succeed.

- MD laughs when asked about defense. - Answer we average 58 wins a season, so 58 times a season we had the better defense on the floor. Well, at least he handles the pres well. Can laugh. Not as stone faced as most coaches.

- Bruce Beck - How long until the team is "respectable"? - He jokes that he heard the press will give him "plenty of time" to get it turned around.

- The Post asks about Marbury - He deflects it.

- Well, we may not be seeing 7 seconds or less at MSG after all.

- The Star Ledger asks is the Knicks will run. Yes, will also play defense, rebound, etc.

- Newsday - what traits does he like to see in players? Shooters, defenders, rebounders...blah blah generic.

- Question about changing the culture - Only way to do it is to win. True dat.

- Some dumbass asked if MD wants to bring Nash into NY - Can you say tampering?

And that's a rap. Short, sweet and a waste of time.


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