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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Taking A Break From The Lakewood Controversy

While all worthwhile yidden are now focused solely on the events unfolding in Lakewood right now, a few of the fallen have managed to allowed themselves a quick reprieve for....


As we speak the Mets and Phils are scoreless after 1 - on a cold and clear day in Queens. I'm forced to "watch" the action on the MLB GameCenter - which sucks, but what can you do? I need to remember to bring in a radio or something.

Bloggers report Johan Santana got the biggest ovation by the Mets faithful. Makes sense. Even in a loss this past Sunday he was a dominant force (1 run, 7 innings).

Let's go Mets.

Quick Update - In recent months I have been talking about getting back into the writing gig. I am happy to report that I have, in fact, started writing again. It's been a very slow process, though partly due to the fact that I actually have to do research for this story (biblical fiction).
Anyway, this topic is deserving of its own post.


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