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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mocking the Mocks

Ok, for starters, let's state for the record - I LOVE mock drafts. I love extended coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine. I love the excitement over a 4.37 40 and the utter devastation of a 4.55. How high can that 320 pound offensive lineman jump? Let's look it up.

(Mind you, I don't really care about any of this stuff or follow it too closely, it gets way too over-analyzed and it can often be a total crap shoot, but I love the fact that it exists. I mean Mel Kiper Jr. gets paid to rank draft prospects. It's a full time job for him and his hair. all he does is rank 'em and then discuss 'em at the draft. No one really remembers or cares if he's right or wrong. What a life. But I digress)

What I love the best of the coverage? Mock drafts. Every so-called expert and hack takes their stab at projecting the first (and sometimes even second or third) round of the draft. It's especially exciting when your team has a high pick (as a Jet fan this can be quite often) and when you have the pick right above your most hated enemy, the evil Patriots. So yes, I've been following this year's crop of mocks quite closely. Will the pick be Ghoulston and his scary speed (and even scarier speed)? Will one of the Long brothers drop? Can the Jets possible pass by McFAdden? Will the pick Cromartie and stun everyone? All in all, it's fun to get yourself caught up in the excitement.

But this article really made me laugh. Mike Lombardi tells us that teams he worked for in the NFL used mock drafts as part of their draft day calculations. How absurd. It's one thing for Elie Hecht to get into this stuff, it's quite another for the guys actually making the decisions to use this as a tool. Can you imagine Mike Tannenbaum, in an exclusive article for SI 15 years from now, cranking out the following:

"We were really looking forward to nabbing McFadden with our sixth pick but then we saw Joe Schick had the Raiders taking him at 4. We really felt that we were set at every other position after spending $400 million in contracts in the off season. So after consulting with Eric, we decided to give the Raiders our 2008 number 1, as well as our 2009 1, to move up two spots and grab McFadden. Alas for us the Rams took him at number 2, but heck, it's the thought that counts. And "

I think the Jets can get an impact player at 6 or trade the pick to move down a bit and pick up another first day choice. The problem is the Jets draft records are abysmal. So the draft becomes even more of a real crap shoot when the Jets are involved.

Speaking of the absurd, why are people making a big deal of the Jets-Pats first meeting next year? The Jets and Pats already played after Spygate. The Jets lost but didn't embarrass themselves by losing by 50. In case some sportswriters forgot, the Jets and Pats play twice a year. It's time to put this non-story to bed.

Even more absurdity

How scared should we as Met fans be that the team's best pitcher right now is Mike Pelfrey? If you said "terrified", you are correct! On the bright side, getting 12-14 wins and a sub-4 era from Pelfrey this season would be a HUGE and unexpected (read season saving?) boost to the squad. After el Duque hurt el Foote, it was assumed that the fifth starter's spot would be a giant void to be filled with scrap heap parts such as Jorge Sosa and last season's emergency number 5, Jose Lima. Now the question is - how long can Nelson Figuora do his Pedro imitation? I'm guessing he's done. We shall see.


  • Pelfrey was supposed to be a star and still has the talent to be one, so no need to be terrified.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:10 PM  

  • I specifically said THIS YEAR. I still expect him to turn into a good number 3 or even a number 2 guy. But no one expected him to make a leap this season. All is well though - Maine is rounding int form - I loved his reaction to being taken out of the game last night.

    By Blogger Elster, at 10:13 AM  

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