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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Fitting Tribute

Yesterday morning I attended the funeral for a man I had never met before. He was the father of one of my best friends, but a friend who came from far away from where I lived.

My friend, his three siblings, the Niftar's ex-wife (my friend's mother), the Niftar's sister and a niece all spoke. 7 speeches in a month of no eulogies. And you know what? It was fitting. I walked out of the funeral parlor with a real appreciation for a man I had never known. His kindness towards everyone he met, his love of learning, his love of reading and culture. And when 7 people all echo the exact same sentiments, you get the idea that they weren't made up simply to honor the deceased.

I know 2 of my friend's three siblings. They are all good people. My friend likes to act like he hates people and doesn't care about anyone, but in reality he is one of the best friends you could want. He would do anything for you, including giving you the shirt off his back. We have vacationed with his family a number of times (the highlight being Miami, 2006) and I think I cried more at this funeral than any other I've ever attended.

My friend and his siblings are strong. They will mourn and recover. But it appears that the Jewish Community suffered a loss this past week and I wanted to note it.


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