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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Double Standard

Can anyone take a stab at explaining why Willie gave Pelfrey a free pass for only going 5 innings (100 pitches) but he killed Oliver Perex for not giving up a run in 2 starts this season? Yes, Perez did not make it out of the 6th inning on Tuesday, but he left with a 2 run lead and a shutout on the line.

Sure I understand that Willie needs to boost Pelfrey's confidence. But don't forget, Perez is only a season removed from the year where he went 3-75. Doesn't he require some soft treatment as well?

Of course, I don't know these guys or their personalities, so maybe Perez needs more a kick in the pants and Pelfrey more of a love tap. That could be. But I don't buy that. It strikes me as another example of Willie's uneven nature. When does he start bashing Jose Reyes for stinking out the place? Do you realize his RBI last night came as a result of the double play he hit into? The Catalyst is now batting a whopping .200 on the season. When does he get the kick in the pants?


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