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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Donnie Walsh

Listening to the Donnie Walsh, new President of Basketball Operations, press conference. Here are some highlights:

- He's saying the magic words - We will spend the next three years making sure we have cap flexibility in three years. In other words - we need to make sure we have enough money for Lebron for the 2010-2011 season. Though he denies that's the goal, that's obviously the goal here.

- Oh, and we will try and keep the team competitive over the next three years too.

(My take - Done and done. The Knicks are going to have to suck for a few years, but if they are building something, that is ok.)

- Refusing to discuss Isiah's role next season. Of course, no one expected him to say "Thomas is done" at this presser. But he won't discuss it today. He needs to analyze the situation. In other words, let's think about it and then fire him.

- "I think there are some good players here" - Where?

- "There is no magic wand here. it is going to take alot of work." - Um, DUH.

- He's stressing the short term goal is just being competitive. And no more crazy free agent signings.

- By the way, the goal is to be competitive for the next few years and then gain cap room (for Lebron).

- On the changing of media policies - I heard it was a problem - we plan on being more open and accessible. Looks like no more draconian, scary anti-press policies.

- He has been given autonomy by Dolan (per Dolan's own words). He says he wouldn't have come but for the autonomy.

- He felt compassion for the organization and wanted to come help fix it. Now that's embarrassing.

- He's making people laugh. That's a good thing.

- On Marbury - I need to speak to him before I make any decisions. He's pretty much talking about the injury, but he mentioned "the thing that happened at the beginning of the season".

- On the team's talent: "When you are on a bad team, no one looks good." Mentioned Curry, and Crawford as talented guys. as for Z-Ran: we need to find a place for him; can't have 2 guys in the low post. He did not mention Lee - let's pray this was a oversight.

- Not sure if he's going to bring in a GM to run the day to day stuff.

Gut reaction - He was brought here to bring in hope and for the first time in a long time, I have some hope. He at least sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He wants to change the culture - stay away from free agents in the short term and get cap flexibility - and the culture with the media as well.


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