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Monday, March 03, 2008

Cimini Hates the Proposed Robertson Trade

"GM Mike Tannenbaum panicked on the Robertson trade, giving him up for a couple of second-day picks."

True - but as he also points out, the Jets lost their leverage when they traded for Jenkins. Also, Robertson had a big cap number and the Jets are in the process of signing 340 free agents this off season. Trading Robertson saves about 8 million according to Cimini.

Looks like Damien Woody might be joining the fold to play right guard for the Jets, who suddenly have a decent (but not great, unless D'brick gets a whole lot better this season) offensive line.

Jets are also looking at RB Jessie Chatman from the Dolphins (a move I don't get) and are still waiting on Pace to get back to them.

The signings allow the Jets more flexibility on draft day - since they aren't locked into a need position.


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