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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking News - Law and Herm a Package Deal

Reports are coming in from sources in both New York and Kansas City that the Jets are close to a deal with free agent cornerback Ty Law as well as (soon to be former) head coach of the Chiefs, Herm Edwards. This stunning development should serve as the last piece to what has been an "on paper" Super Bowl winning off-season for the New York Jets. Edwards will serve the triple role of defensive coordinator (replacing the ineffective Bob Sutton), assistant head coach to Eric Mangini and, perhaps most importantly, game clock manager. The best news? edwards will only cost the Jets this year's second round pick as compensation to Kansas City.

Law played corner for the Jets in 2005 Edwards of course is a former head coach of the Jets. These moves serve both to (i) solidify what is slowly becoming a dynastic Jet team (the additions of Alan Faneca and Damien Woody are drawing comparisons to the great Redskins line of the 80's and the Cowboys line of the 90's and Kris Jenkins and Calvin "You Never Heard of Me Before, But I had 6.5 Sacks last Season" Pace, plus the addition by subtraction of talentless non-playmakers like Jon Vilma make the Jets defense especially fierce) and (ii) tweak the New England Patriots (the Pats reportedly had interest in Law and it is well known that nobody out-coaches Bill Belichick like Edwards).

Edwards has announced that Darelle Reevis, the Jets first round pick last season, will move to dime situations to make room in the starting lineup for Law. "My man Ty will be going against the other team's fastest receivers each week," said a grinning Edwards, "and he hasn't lost even a quarter step."

Said Law: "It was a tough choice man, the Pats really wanted me, but the truth is that even though I only played one season there, my heart has always been with the Jets."

Said Mangini on these almost historic moves: "Every season is different. You cannot look backwards as to what we accomplished as a team last year. Last year was last year. This year is this year. Herm will help us immensely, especially late in ballgames when the clock becomes so important. Herm's added benefits on the sidelines completely outweigh anything a second rounder could ever do for us on the field. As for Ty, we will evaluate him like we evaluate each player every week. " Mangini then stepped out of his tightly controlled veneer to announce that Law was cemented in at starting right corner, opposite Hank Poteat at left corner.

Edwards on the Jets going 4-12 last year and his expectations for his defense this season. "Hello? We play to stop opposing offenses. We play to win the game. Reevis, he's a nice player and all, but when you have a Ty Law....man you have the league;s top shut down corner...it allows you to do so many things." Edwards also noted that he plans to rotate middle linebacker David Harris out a lot more to keep him fresh.

General Manager Mike Tennebaum announced that the Law signing was for three years and $6 million a season, all $18 million fully guaranteed. Law's contract also includes a guaranteed roster spot for all three seasons.

Analysis - What's to say? The Jets have gone all out this offseason and have put together the greatest Jet team money can buy. All fans I've spoken to are beyond thrilled by the moves and look forward to the enriched team chemistry these moves will make.

In other words, with Herm and Law on board, start printing your Super Bowl tickets now!


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