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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thoughts From The Last Few Days

- Yes Georgetown is 20-3 and controlling the Big East with a 10-2 conference record. Yes, they has the best field goal defense in Division I. Yes, they have a franchise type college center and a number of athletic swing guys who can shoot and play D. But this team is seriously flawed.


* The guards consistently fail to run more of the offense through Roy Hibbert despite the fact that not only is he 7 freaking 2, but he's a very good passer.

* John Wallace (and Jesse Sapp) all of a sudden can't hit threes.

* The team looks severely disinterested on offense for large stretches of them game.

* They won a game on a miracle Ewing block, a miracle Villanova fouls with .1 seconds on the clock, a miracle Hibbert three - they could just as easily be 17-6 right now.

* DaJuan Summers has not taken the leap forward i was expecting since last year. Therefore, G'town lacks the second scorer. Summers has a good shooting touch and is athletic and tall enough to get to the rim. He seems to lack the motivation.

Yikes. When you factor all this together, a sweet 16 "upset" in the NCAA tournament wouldn't shock me at all.

- This is an excellent breakdown of yesterday's congressional Clemens hearing. Enjoy.

- And now the antithesis of the Clemens scandal - Johan Santana has reported to spring training for the Mets. This is huge news and very exciting for Mets fans. But please can we stop with the prognosticating of a 25-4, 1.60 era and 300 k's? Please?

- How long until the NFL draft?


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