Elster's World

Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction

I've been running this game around in my head for a few days and none of the numbers I come up with make me comfortable....still I need to get on record.

The spread is 12 points as of today. Barring a miracle, the Giants should cover. The Pats are a boring story which is why all the press coverage has been focused on Eli's miraculous string of games, Plaxico's insane prediction and the Giants ability to get after a one legged Brady. This is putting the "buzz" in the Gint's corner.

But you can't give Belichick two weeks to prepare for anything. Belichick could win the war in Iraq if he had 2 weeks to prepare for it. Throw in the Giants decent but not great secondary vs Wes Welker and Randy Moss and the inevitable Eli Manning horrible interception...

All that being said, tough moral dilema here. I'm a New York fan who hates all of the other New York teams. But I also hate the Pats. Also, shouldn't I root for the AFC over the NFC?

No contest. I'll be (begrudgingly) rooting for the Giants, who will lose to New England 41-20.