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Friday, February 08, 2008

Not Quite Belichick But.....

Some thoughts for a Friday:

- While my dislike of Miami turncoat Pat Riley doesn't get to the level of disdain I have for that coach of the Pats, it's still pretty high on the hate meter.

Still, massive kudos to Riley for not only trading away a 35 year old, out of shape player for a better talent, but he managed to trade away Shaq's huge (over 50 million remaining over the next 2 and a half years) contract. Unbelieveable trade for the Heat and a huge gamble for the Suns.

- Can't see this Schilling thing ending well. Sadly, now the Sox only have 5 front line starters (The Ace, Dice K, Buchholtz, Lester and Wakefield) going into the season to battle the hated Yankees. I hope they can be ok (sarcasm).

- The stunning footage of the Israeli policeman shooting the suicide bomber in Dimona is just that - stunning. It's right out of a movie. One wonders if this first bombing in over a year was an isolated case or if more will follow.


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