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Friday, February 29, 2008

Jets Buzz

Tons to talk about here including:

- Jets trading for 3 time pro bowler Kris Jenkins for a third and fifth round pick (good - even if his health is somewhat suspect)

- Jets being a front runner for the services of left guard Alan Faneca (at 8 million bucks a year) to stabilize the left side of the line and tutor D'brick and Mangold (good - hey, it's not my money and the cap got bigger)

- Jets trading Dewayne Robertson or moving him to an end position if they trade for Jenkins (depends on what they get)

- Jets trading Jon Vilma for a conditional pick in 2009 - topping out at a third rounder terrible terrible terrible)

As I have said may times, Vilma is a talented play maker who didn't fit in as the middle guy in the 3-4 of Mangini. So.....move him outside. He can't be as good as the Victor Hobson's of the world? Wouldn't you want this guy blitzing from the outside? It makes no sense. The Jets defense needs help now - getting a possible third rounder in '09 isn't going to stop the run or sack the QB this season.


Johan Santana gets his first start today. Gentlemen, start your engines.


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