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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Report: Ryan to take over for Sutton

Note: This is based on a report and is unofficial:

ESPN.com is reporting that soon to be fired Rob Ryan, the current defensive coordinator for the Raiders ( son of hallowed defensive mind Buddy Ryan and brother of Ravens coordinator Rex), will replace soon to be fired D-coordinator of the Jets, Bob Sutton. Ryan the younger and Mangini worked for 4 years together in New England.

On the negative side, the Raiders defense performed below expectations this year. And Mangini brings in a crony.

On the bright side, the Jets are firing Bob Sutton, who I'm pretty sure has been dead since 2004.

On the negative side, Ryan hasn't run a 3-4 defense, the defense of choice for Mangini, since he tried it (and failed) in his first year with the Raiders. Also, Raiders fans on message boards say Ryan is very conservative and doesn't blitz much.

On the negative side, Jets fans on the message boards seem pretty pumped, usually a harbinger of doom.

We shall see if any of this happens.