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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thoughts From The Last Few Days

- After coach Isiah Thomas challenged his team's collective heart, it was very telling who responded.

Eddy Curry? Nope, he played only a few non-impact minutes after quick foul trouble.

Steph? Nope - sat out the game with "flu like symptoms".

Crawford and Randolph submitted their usual fine (if sometimes uneven) games. So who was it?

David Lee of course. Lee, pretty much the only likable Knick, went off for 22 point and 11 boards as the Knicks took it to the Cavs (who, by the way, really stink once you get past King James).

Lee has been having a very pedestrian season to date. If seen writers who have wondered if he's put on too much weight and others who have questioned whether he has allowed himself to be pulled down by the collective listlessness of his teammates. But last night we saw the David Lee we have come to love - finishing with dunks around the rim, rebounding with energy and playing with all out hustle.

- Is any sports owner not named Dolan having a worse year than Arthur Blank? First his franchise quarterback, who Mr. Blank completely trusted, lies to his face about his involvement in dogfighting. IN the aftermath, the team completely falls apart. His new college savior coach bickers with his players (who hate him), then, in a shocking move shakes Mr. Blank's hand, turns him around, and stabs him in the back with a bread knife. THEN, in what can only be described as a panic move, Mr. Blank tries to get the completely washed up Bill Parcells into the fold to run the team, only to fly to Bill's house and find out he's negotiating with the Dolphins (not that I can blame Parcells - all things being equal, wouldn't you rather live in Miami than Atlanta? - no offense JB). In fact, it appears now that Parcells indeed has a deal in place to run the Dolphins into the ground for the next 4 years.

As an aside - As a Jet fan, I cannot be more excited by this news. The idea of Parcells calling all the shots and undermining his coach and GM for the next four years makes me giddy.

- I most strongly disagree with ESPN's Mike Greenberg on this whole Curt Schilling's blog thing. Mr. Greenberg asserted on his radio show this morning that, whether or not you agree with Schilling's position regarding stripping Clemens of his Cy Young awards after 1997, you have to respect Mr. Schilling for being an active players with the balls to make the comment.

With all due respect, to me, Schilling sounds like one of those female tennis diva's who makes catty locker room comments about other female players on the tennis circuit - or the male golfers who snip at Tiger Woods. I'm not saying Mr. Schilling is jealous of Mr. Clemens, but I'm just saying that, to me, the oft-outspoken Schilling sounds more petulant than brave.

- The injury to Kellen Clemens (who may or may not play this week), is bad luck. It would have been nice to see if Clemens was making any improvements over his uneven performances since becoming the starter. With the last two games basically serving as auditions for players, his was a big one - especially with the Jets in position for a high draft pick in the coming draft.


  • Parcells is not washed up. Would you really rather have Mike Tannenbaum running your front office than Bill Parcells? Did Parcells not cultivate Tony Romo?

    Parcells may not be what we once is, but he turned over four different terrible teams, including the Jets. He'll help the Dolphins, unfortunately.

    But if he is washed up, why is this a bad thing for Arthur Blank and the Falcons.

    As for Miami vs. Atlanta, depends where in Miami. Tuna can probably find a nice place. But why would anyone want to live outside of New York? Anyway, at least he's not going to Baltimore, the murder capital of North America.

    You sort of have a point about Schilling, but in team sports, no other athelete has the balls to say what's on his mind.

    Clemens' performance has been lousy, not uneven. After his awful INT last week, I've seen enough of him for this year. That said, while I ultimately agree that if healthy he should probably start, with bad ribs and a bad shoulder, I'd shut him down to prevent further injury.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 2:15 PM  

  • Sorry for the unusual grammatical errors - a matter came up when I started typing my comment.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 2:16 PM  

  • Pacells cultivated Romo? And here i thought he forced him into the starting lineup of a game where Drew Bledsoe was being so horrendous, parcells was forced to throw his backup into the spotlight.

    Parcells cannot exist in the role he is being given - he needs to be too hands on - he can't be over the coach and gm - he wants to BE the coach and GM.

    The only reason it was bad for Blank is - Blank obviously disagrees with my feelings re: Parcells, and here yet another of his handpicked people is rebuffing him at a bad time.

    Schilling certainly does - like that time he said he cannot wait to end his career with the Devil rays. He simlpy says whatever is on huis mind AT THAT MOMENT. Kinda like me. No wonder you kinda like what he's doing.

    Ok - Clemens has sucked this year - I was sugar coating.

    By Blogger Elster, at 3:29 PM  

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