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Monday, December 03, 2007

Sour Grapes and Other Thoughts

- In the understandably sad aftermath of a 40-13 dismantling by the New York Jets, several key Miami players basically spent their press conferences saying how they can't believe they lost at home to the Jets. Veteran Jason Taylor even went so far to say"they stink too", before he was basically pulled of the stage by Dolphin press people.

Um, shouldn't you guys show a little more humility? You just got dismantled by 27 points by the team you claim to be better than - meanwhile you haven't won a game all year.

In fact the Jets have won the last four meeting with the 'Fins and reports are now surfacing that they had been seething all week after being proclaimed underdogs to a winless team.

So kudos to the Jets who instead of talking sour, went out and crushed the team that was the cause of their embarrassment.

- Well Jets fans who are concerned about Clemens - it could be worse - your QB could be Beck. Congrats Miami fans - if management decides this guy is the future, prepare yourselves for 5 years of 7 yard pass plays and screen passes.

- Hate the Minaya trade - look my my comments on Joe's blog for this.

- Love that the Rangers beat Ottawa on Saturday. Even if they did catch them during a downturn, it's important to gain confidence against your key rivals.

- Hate the speculation in the papers that the Rangers are considering packaging their young talent into another superstar. Why? How many more scorers do you need? The offense is starting to click. Make smaller moves - upgrade at backup goalie - maybe try to find another defenseman or an upgrade to the fourth line. But Matts Sundin?


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