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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please Jimmy D


I know there is no chance you are going to read this. I totally understand that this is more about me venting than trying to actually convince you to fire Isaiah Thomas. But....

1. Look, you already settled your suit with Anucha. It's over. There no longer is any reason to keep Thomas around for form's sake. It's over. The embarrassment that the two of you (with a side order of Stephon's SUV) have caused the organization is now immortalized in the 11.5 million dollar settlement. The embarrassment you 2 have brought to the team and its fan base are seemingly insurmountable. Help us start the surmounting process by dumping the face of the suit - Thomas (especially since no one thinks you will actually dump yourself).

2. The Knicks lost to the Sonics tonight. The SONICS! They stink. But the beat the Knicks in the Garden. I didn't not watch the game - I am no longer watching the Knicks in protest - but I did see in the post-game show a forlorn Gus Johnson almost in tears while Kenny basically said that the problem with the Knicks is they don't know what the Hell they are doing.

3. When your fan base spends as much energy shouting for the coach to be fired than they do shouting for the players, it's a bad sign.

4. When your coach tells longtime season ticket holders that the reason millionaires are missing layups is because they are getting booed at home - it's a bad sign.

5. When those same multi-millionaires cannot scrape together a consistent effort game in and game out - it's a bad sign.

6. When the team appears listless and unmotivated every night - it's a bad sign.

7. When your "star" point guard walks out on the team, the team unanimously votes to not have him play next game back, and the coach overrules them, pays the guard and they lose anyway - it's a bad sign.

How many more bad signs do you need Jimmy? How many more terrible loses? Since the Knicks "only" lost by 7 tonight (they have been regularly blown out of games this season), does that count as improvement for you? Are you simply angling for the first pick in the draft? Remember there's a lottery system.

This disaster is only going to grow worse. And with the Garden emphatically throwing its support behind Thomas, are we really going to have to suffer all season?

Please Jim, let some of this sink in to your brain. Your team's fans hate you. They hate what you have done to the team. Hell, even the press hates you for the Big Brother atmosphere you have created for them.

Maybe firing Thomas isn't enough after all - maybe you should, instead, fire yourself.

Your successor will know what to do with Thomas.


  • Your decision to boycott the Knicks and only find out the results in the next day's box lasted two days, covering a span of zero games.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:56 PM  

  • What are you talknig about - I didn't watch the game - I caught the postgame score on MSG.

    Wow - the last few weeks you have been nothing but antagonistic to me. If it's so painful to put up with me, I am nuclear as to why you do.

    Not angry just curious.

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:06 AM  

  • Maybe post-trial withdrawal.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:46 AM  

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