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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doesn't This Make Sense?

This Knicks need a point guard. Badly. They also need a clean break with Stephon Marbury. Badly.

The 76ers have Andre Miller on the block. And Miller is a good point guard.


How about this:

Knicks send Marbury (2 years at $19 per) and David Lee to Philly for Miller (2 years remaining at $9 million per) and Samuel Dalembert's (4 years and $10 mill per) crappy contract. The Sixers get to wash Marbury away in 2 years (plus make a minor splash by adding him) and they replace most of Dalambert's points and rebounds by getting rebounding fool (though one dimensional) Lee at $990,000. Plus Lee has upside.

The Knicks get their point guard, get rid of Steph, clear $9 million a year after Miller comes off the books in two yeas and get a shot blocking rebounder to start at center and protect the rim.

Why doesn't this trade make sense for both teams? Sure Marbury sucks and is a head case, but his salary is a wash with Miller/Dalembert and it comes off the books in 2 years instead of the 4 for Samuel.

excuse me while I call the Knicks front office and make this happen.


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