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Monday, December 31, 2007

Jets Post Mortem

And so the 2007 season finally crashed to a halt with yesterday's awful game against the Chiefs in the first inaugural Meadowlands Herm Bowl - a 13-10 overtime stinker which propelled the Jets from the 3rd pick in the draft to the 6th. Alas.

And so with the season in the books, it's time to give our post-season grades of the good the bad and the ugly - and take a quick look at the 2008 season improvements which need to be made to get the Jets back on track.

As a quick aside - after the game it was announced that Mike Westhoff will not be back with the Jets next season due to his bad leg. He will be sorely missed. The jets have been very good on special teams during his tenure. Here's hoping his replacement doesn't screw anything up.


Since everything starts in the trenches, we will too. The best word to describe the Jets offensive line this season is...TRAINWRECK. Simply put, with the exception of, in my opinion, Nick Mangold, the line did a horrendous job this season. The couldn't open up holes for runners Leon Washington or Thomas Jones and they certainly couldn't pass protect their quarterbacks - giving up over 50 sacks this season. The loss of left guard Pete Kendall seemed to break the will of left tackle D'brickashaw Ferguson, who certainly took no steps forward this season and remains, at best, an average left tackle. Adrien Clarke did a horrible job and left guard, as did Brandon Moore at right guard. Anthony Clement was crappy on the right side as well. We didn't see enough of any back-ups to know if any of them are any good.

Overall grade: F. Sorry Nick, but you need to be graded with your whole unit.

For Next Season - Jets need 2 new guards and a new right tackle. They need to give Ferguson another year or 2, if only because of how high they took him. He has the tools, I think he lacks the mental makeup. Doesn't seem mean enough.


Chad Pennington, fan favorite, was benched after being pounded into submission (see above). Once it became clear the season was lost, Mangini brought in backup Kellen Clemens to see what the team had in him. The results are unclear. Clemens was unimpressive in his 8 starts, but in his defense it's difficult to throw the ball from your ass. Or on the run. I'm pretty sure I can count on my fingers and toes how many times a Jet quarterback was able to set up and scan the field this season. The line was really that bad.

That being said, Clemens, while clearly displaying a strong arm (an attribute Pennington lacks) and alot of moxy, did not display an ability to read opposing defenses (10 picks vs 5 tds) or throw with accuracy. It's impossible to know what the Jets have in Clemens.

Grade: D - (the only reason thy aren't getting an F is that I believe with a better line their grade would have been higher).

For Next Season - tough calls for the Jets. Do they take a quarterback at number 6 if one is available or take a chance that Clemens is the real thing? Do they keep Pennington or try and dump him for a third rounder? Who do they bring in to compete with Clemens if guys like Culpepper or Mcnab are available on the cheap? I'm glad I don;t need to make these decisions.

Running back:

Thomas Jones was brought in the bolster a playoff team that did it with smoke and mirrors the year before. The Jets were supposed to employ the thunder and lightening combo of Jones and Washington to throw off opponents. Instead, Jones and Washington were routinely thrown back for losses and the line struggled to create any holes. To his credit, Jones ran for over 1,100 yards this season and looked good when there were holes to hit. To his detriment, Jones scored a whopping one rushing td this season, averages a mere 3.6 yards per carry, and routinely failed to get that one yard on blank and one situations. Leon Washington added another 350 yards on 71 rushes (5.0 average) and three rushing tds - and remained a potent threat as a receiver as well as returning kickoffs.

Grade: B- (again, more due to the line than their individual efforts.)



Coles and Cotchery and gutty guys with good hands. Both are good yards after the catch guys as well. What they both lack is deep pass speed. In essence they are the same type of receiver. Brad Smith shows flashes of promise as well as flashes of inconsistency. Wallace Wright made the catches when he was given the opportunity and did a great job on special teams. Justin McCareins needs to be dumped ASAP. Another step forward for Chris Baker.

Grade: B

For Next Season - There is a real chance the Jets will lose Coles over his contract number next year. Coles fought off injury the whole season and, after 8 seasons in the NFL, the Jets need to decide if he has enough left in the tank to work with him on the number. Cotchery is a keeper and went over 1,000 yards for the season. The Jets need to add a speed receiver and need to figure out if Brad Smith can ever be an effective number three type guy.


Line - The Jets finished 29th in the league in rushing defense - they gave up over 136 yards a game - and that all start up front. Robertson, Coleman and Ellis did a poor job of both stopping the run and getting to the quarterback. Poor depth behind them didn't help. Sione Pouha showed some promise backing up Robertson.

Grade: D.

For Next Year - The Jets need a widebody run stopper to slot into the nose tackle next year. It is a top three priority.

Linbackers - Jon Vilma was having a second poor season in a row when he got hurt. The bright spot of his injury was the bright spot of this linebacking corps. David Harris stepped in to the middle linebacker spot and finished 8th in the league in tackles. And he flew around the field the way Vilma used to. Eric Barton, Victor Hobson and Bryan Thomas underwhelmed.

Grade: C -.

For Next Year - The Jets should slot Vilma into Eric Barton's position and let Vilma and Harris terrorize running backs and QB's. Is there anyone in the world who thinks Vilma can't be a more effective BArton than Barton is? The Jets also need to upgrade the outside backer spots.

Secondary - Probably the strongest part of either the offense or defense. The Jets finished 9th in the league in pass defense - a stat that is actually phony in the respect that why on earth would teams throw the ball when they have so much success running it. However, the Jets got outstanding play from rookie Darrelle Reevis, great play from safety Kerry Rhodes (who got jobbed on a pro bowl spot) and solid play from safety find Abram Elan, a very hard hitter.

They got less than outstanding play from Barret, Dyson, Poteat and Coleman.

Grade: B.

For Next Year - Time to cut the cord with Eric Coleman and upgrade the depth at safety. Also need to get a second corner to start opposite Reevis.

Special Teams - The Jets are going to miss Westhoff. He turned first Justin Miller and then Leon Washington into world class kick returners. For some reason, the magic didn't hold true for returning punts. Jets were also good on covering kickoffs and punts, despite subpar years from Nugent and Graham (netted just 37 yards a punt).

Grade: B

Coaching and GM - major step down for the Mangenius - he went from a rookie 10-6 campaign to a terrible 4-12 follow up. And please don't tell me how the Jets "competed" in every game - not good enough. Also heard some grumbling about how the Jets don't enjoy playing for him. The braintrust took a 10-6 team, tweaked it, and turned it into a 4-12 team. Not good at all. Brian Schottenheimer, the other resident genius, turned in too many overly predictable gameplans.

Grade: C--

For Next Year - These guys all need to prove themselves.


In this league, it's not all that hard to go from 10-6 to 4-12 and back again. All it takes is a few good free agent signings, a couple of decent draft picks and some luck. The Jets can turn it around if they make the right moves. If not, its back in the depths in 2008.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thoughts From The Last Few Days

- After coach Isiah Thomas challenged his team's collective heart, it was very telling who responded.

Eddy Curry? Nope, he played only a few non-impact minutes after quick foul trouble.

Steph? Nope - sat out the game with "flu like symptoms".

Crawford and Randolph submitted their usual fine (if sometimes uneven) games. So who was it?

David Lee of course. Lee, pretty much the only likable Knick, went off for 22 point and 11 boards as the Knicks took it to the Cavs (who, by the way, really stink once you get past King James).

Lee has been having a very pedestrian season to date. If seen writers who have wondered if he's put on too much weight and others who have questioned whether he has allowed himself to be pulled down by the collective listlessness of his teammates. But last night we saw the David Lee we have come to love - finishing with dunks around the rim, rebounding with energy and playing with all out hustle.

- Is any sports owner not named Dolan having a worse year than Arthur Blank? First his franchise quarterback, who Mr. Blank completely trusted, lies to his face about his involvement in dogfighting. IN the aftermath, the team completely falls apart. His new college savior coach bickers with his players (who hate him), then, in a shocking move shakes Mr. Blank's hand, turns him around, and stabs him in the back with a bread knife. THEN, in what can only be described as a panic move, Mr. Blank tries to get the completely washed up Bill Parcells into the fold to run the team, only to fly to Bill's house and find out he's negotiating with the Dolphins (not that I can blame Parcells - all things being equal, wouldn't you rather live in Miami than Atlanta? - no offense JB). In fact, it appears now that Parcells indeed has a deal in place to run the Dolphins into the ground for the next 4 years.

As an aside - As a Jet fan, I cannot be more excited by this news. The idea of Parcells calling all the shots and undermining his coach and GM for the next four years makes me giddy.

- I most strongly disagree with ESPN's Mike Greenberg on this whole Curt Schilling's blog thing. Mr. Greenberg asserted on his radio show this morning that, whether or not you agree with Schilling's position regarding stripping Clemens of his Cy Young awards after 1997, you have to respect Mr. Schilling for being an active players with the balls to make the comment.

With all due respect, to me, Schilling sounds like one of those female tennis diva's who makes catty locker room comments about other female players on the tennis circuit - or the male golfers who snip at Tiger Woods. I'm not saying Mr. Schilling is jealous of Mr. Clemens, but I'm just saying that, to me, the oft-outspoken Schilling sounds more petulant than brave.

- The injury to Kellen Clemens (who may or may not play this week), is bad luck. It would have been nice to see if Clemens was making any improvements over his uneven performances since becoming the starter. With the last two games basically serving as auditions for players, his was a big one - especially with the Jets in position for a high draft pick in the coming draft.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Time But....

- I think Chris Simon got off easy with his 30 day suspension. Betman should have suspended the dangerous alkie for the entire season, including the playoffs. Assuming allowable under the CBA, of course. This is a 7 time loser who intentionally tried to hurt someone in a premeditated way. In reality I'd have him banned from the sport if I could.

- Kerry Rhodes, despite a very slow start to the season, deserved a spot on the Pro Bowl team ahead of Troy Palumalu - who wan not particularly effective this season, slowed once again by injuries.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doesn't This Make Sense?

This Knicks need a point guard. Badly. They also need a clean break with Stephon Marbury. Badly.

The 76ers have Andre Miller on the block. And Miller is a good point guard.


How about this:

Knicks send Marbury (2 years at $19 per) and David Lee to Philly for Miller (2 years remaining at $9 million per) and Samuel Dalembert's (4 years and $10 mill per) crappy contract. The Sixers get to wash Marbury away in 2 years (plus make a minor splash by adding him) and they replace most of Dalambert's points and rebounds by getting rebounding fool (though one dimensional) Lee at $990,000. Plus Lee has upside.

The Knicks get their point guard, get rid of Steph, clear $9 million a year after Miller comes off the books in two yeas and get a shot blocking rebounder to start at center and protect the rim.

Why doesn't this trade make sense for both teams? Sure Marbury sucks and is a head case, but his salary is a wash with Miller/Dalembert and it comes off the books in 2 years instead of the 4 for Samuel.

excuse me while I call the Knicks front office and make this happen.

Isiah Trying To Get Fired?

After last night's debacle at the Garden (giving up a career high 36 to Mike Dunleavey Jr.? How can that happen under any circumstances?) Thomas blasted his team's grit, courage and heart, saying the team doesn't play with the type of heart that Thomas himself has.

This team is now commencing full self destruct mode. The players are apathetic, the coach is throwing them under the bus, and Spike Lee is quoted as saying there's still plenty of time to get the ship right.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007/2008 New York Knicks! Jim Dolan, you must be so proud.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

- The Jets defense, aided by the weather, played pretty well. The offense was horrible. The Jets employed three quarterbacks in the game and managed exactly three offensive points, despite a number of trips inside Pats territory. This team is lacking in so many areas, I'm chomping at the bit for the season to be over and to do the post-mortem.

- Andy Petite - was that really the best your spin mavens could come up with? Really? Do you expect anyone to buy the drivel you came out with? Only did it for 2 days? How many days was it again? Oh right, 2. And some mea culpa. IF I did anything wrong? of course you did something wrong.

The only positive to his pathetic statement was that it puts Clemens squarely in the fire. Will Clemens join Bonds as the two Co-chairs in the League of Infamy? Only time will tell.

- After an initial like of WFAN's Boomer and Carton show in the morning (probably just because it was different than Mike and Mike), I am quickly boring of it. The ten minutes I sit in my car waiting for the train in the morning have suddenly become more tedious. I really enjoyed when WFAN guest hosted John and Patrick McEnroe (Mac and mac in the morning) for a few days. They are both highly intelligent guys and play well off each other. Boomer is too non-controversial on the show and Carton is simply a pig in human clothing - talking up strippers and sometimes being controversial for controversy's sake. at least the show doesn't feel as scripted as every second of Mike and Mike does.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Mid-Winter's Day Nightmare

A Trage-comedy by Elster.

Scene I:

A tinted glassed Range Rover pulls into the GM's spot at the parking garage at Madison Square Garden. There is a prominent bumper sticker that reads
"How's My Coaching? Call 1-800--J-I-M-D-O-L-A-N."

Isaiah Thomas walks past the security guard.

Thomas: 'Sup Nigga?

Narrator: Pursuant to unwritten Garden policy, an African American man can call another African American man such a name without it being considered offensive.

Thomas continues past the Garden floor where the Knick City Dancers are completing a practice.

Thomas: What's up my bitches and ho's? Anyone wanna get into the back of my SUV?

Narrator: Pursuant to unwritten Garden policy, calling a female employee a "bitch" or "ho" is frowned upon, but still acceptable.

Scene II

Thomas sits in the office of James Dolan.

Dolan: IT, what's going on with the Knicks? We are 9-32. I thought at this point in the season we'd have at least 12 victories.

Thomas, flashing a 1,000 watt grin: Jim, as I've explained to you in the past, basketball is about confidence and psyche. The team is still recovering from Stephon's father's death, not to mention the ignorant fans who are booing me. It really is not allowing us to pull together as a team.

Dolan (contemplatively): Hmmmm, maybe we should consider banning fans from attending games...

In comes Dolan's servant.

Servant: Sir, there appear to be over 300 people in front of your mansion protesting your ownership of the Knicks.

Dolan (outraged): What? Damn those Nets fans! Jeeves, get me another line of cocaine. Isaiah can I get you anything? Line of coke? Frozen Stoli? Anything?

Thomas: No sir, I had some Valium before got in.

Dolan: Excellent IT, excellent. I want to tell you again how well you are doing with the franchise. That loss to Minnesota on Monday? By only three points? I thought we really competed for 35 of the 48 minutes. Well done.

Scene III

At practice the Knicks seem listless and confused. Thomas gathers them in for a pep talk.

Thomas (exasperated): Guys, we have been over this before. All I can do is coach you, I can't step on the floor with you. I can't teach Steph to share the ball, Jamaal not to take horrible shots, Eddy to stay out of Wendy's, David to shoot a jump shot or Nate to stay in control. All I can do is say positive things to support you and chide the crowd for booing you. But you guys are the team, you need to pull together and play better basketball tonight.

Scene IV

It's thirty minutes to game time. Dolan is talking to the head of security.

Dolan: And another thing. looks like Harvey Araton from the Times is here tonight and he brought his own food. I specifically want everyone eating the same rubber turkey so make sure you confiscate that. Also, Vescey looks smug - he probably has some evil story to write about me. I want him tossed out of the arena.

Scene V

Gus Johnson, sitting courtside with tears streaming down his face: And with 3 and 25 remaining in the first half, the Knicks are down to the Supersonics by the score of 89-34. Kenny what can we make of this Knick team?

Kenny Smith: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What? Oh, well yeah the Knicks have a talented roster, they just need to focus on doing the things they know how to do.

Fan Number 1: Hey Marbury, you suck!

Thomas to fan: Shame on you. Steph lost his father 3 months ago and is still very emotionally fragile. (Picks up a bull horn and addresses all fans). You should all be ashamed of yourselves, booing this great franchise. Can you see how hard they are competing? The effort is there. The reason we are currently loosing by 55 points is you fans. If you were cheering instead of booing, Eddy would be 11-12 from the field instead of 0-12. Don't you see that?

Garden security comes in to the stadium en masse and throws out all fans sitting within earshot of the court.

Scene VI

Thomas is up at the podium, explaining the loss.

Thomas: I thought the effort was really there tonight. I'm proud of the guys. The really tried hard out there. The competed. They competed hard for a part of the game. We were just outdone tonight by a few mistakes.

Reporter 1: The team committed 34 turnovers in the second half tonight. Is that really "a few mistakes"?

Thomas: Basketball is a team sport, and when the team comes together, it will be beautiful to watch.

Reporter 2: Isaiah, during timeouts, the players are openly turning their backs on you and putting on their Ipods seemingly to drown you out. Do you feel like you have lost the team?

Head of Garden security moves to throw out the reporter.

Thomas (waving him off): No, no. I'll take the question. See, it's like this. Basketball is about the team coming together in adverse times. When I was a kid growing up on the mean streets, I survived the adversity and it made me a better ballhandler.

Reporter 3 (looking confused): So have you lost the team?

Thomas: What we need is for the world's greatest fans, Knick fans, to get behind this team. To put their hands together, to raise up and to embrace Isaiah Thomas and the Knicks. We play in the greatest city in the world.

Reporter 4: Isaiah, with the Knicks playing so poorly, are you worried about your job?

Thomas: Over lunch with Mr. Dolan, we discussed my job security. I have no issue with that.

Reporter 5: Isaiah, would you like to comment on the article in GQ where Stephon Marbury is quoted as saying he'd like to disembowel you with a sharpened spoon?

Thomas: Steph and I are neighbors. We have a great relationship. Sometimes things are said in the heat of battle. I don't take stock in those things.

Reporter 5: This wasn't the heat of battle. It was his living room. Is it true he has "something" on you so the team can't get rid of him.

Garden spokesman (hustling Thomas from the podium): That's all gentlemen. We will make our number 1 fan, Spike Lee, available in a few minutes.

Scene VII

Dolan and Jeeves are in the executive office. Jeeves puts down the phone and turns to his boss.

Jeeves: I'm sorry sir, but the number of protesters seems to be growing instead of diminishing. The staff says the driveway is blocked with tents sir. Perhaps a hotel?

Dolan: Damn Nets fans. Let's wait 'em out. It's damn cold on my driveway anyway. Get me another line while we wait.

Scene VII

Thomas sits in his car, talking on his cellphone.

Thomas: They wanna buy the popcorn company? For how much? That's million, not thousand right? Perfect. [He hangs up the phone and flashes a smile that lights up the interior of his car] They can take away my pride and my dignity, but they can't take away my money.

He drives off.

Fade to Black.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goodbye To A Kibbitzer

Manny, when they announced in shul this morning that you had passed away, everyone was sad, including me. I barely knew you, probably said no more that 20 words to you these last few years we davened together, but I watched you grow old before my very eyes.

When I first started davening in the minyan, everyone knew you. You came in, turned off the lights to a chorus of "Manny's here", walked to your seat giving everyone you passed a wise ass remark.

"Good morning Manny." - "Who says it's a good morning?" you would have replied, a twinkle in your eye. Or maybe you would have given a more caustic reply. But you were always just trying to be the funny guy - still the class clown at 70 plus. I remember the time during the Rabbi's Shabbos Hagodol drasha when he made a joke asking everyone if he should stop talking and in a room full of maybe 500 people, you were the jokester who raised his hand.

All of a sudden, though, you were way older than your years. I think you were in your seventies, but all of a sudden you looked 90.

I saw your spiral down with my own eyes. As an impartial observer. Your walk to your seat became a cane aided shuffle. You seemed confused sometimes. Your son had to start coming to shul every day to make sure you were alright. You couldn't put your tallis and teffilin on by yourself.

But still, there you were giving the Rabbi a hard time, wise-ing off to everyone who approached you. Still always dapper in a crisp shirt and pressed pants.

On Thanksgiving you had a heart attack. You never returned to shul. Your son came every morning after staying with you all night at the hospital - I listened as he gave all your concerned friends (and fans) a daily report. "Dad's not doing well, he's very sick." My impression was you weren't going to come back - no more "same to you" comments to the crowd of morning kibitzers.

And so when they announced in shul this morning that you had passed away, everyone was sad. I saw a few men tear up. I was sad too, though I hardly knew you. Still, you were a daily staple in my life and now you are gone. And for some reason it has effected me more strongly than it perhaps should have.

So this is my goodbye to you Manny - my salute to a bona fide shul kibbitzer. I will miss you and your personality when I daven every morning.

Please Jimmy D


I know there is no chance you are going to read this. I totally understand that this is more about me venting than trying to actually convince you to fire Isaiah Thomas. But....

1. Look, you already settled your suit with Anucha. It's over. There no longer is any reason to keep Thomas around for form's sake. It's over. The embarrassment that the two of you (with a side order of Stephon's SUV) have caused the organization is now immortalized in the 11.5 million dollar settlement. The embarrassment you 2 have brought to the team and its fan base are seemingly insurmountable. Help us start the surmounting process by dumping the face of the suit - Thomas (especially since no one thinks you will actually dump yourself).

2. The Knicks lost to the Sonics tonight. The SONICS! They stink. But the beat the Knicks in the Garden. I didn't not watch the game - I am no longer watching the Knicks in protest - but I did see in the post-game show a forlorn Gus Johnson almost in tears while Kenny basically said that the problem with the Knicks is they don't know what the Hell they are doing.

3. When your fan base spends as much energy shouting for the coach to be fired than they do shouting for the players, it's a bad sign.

4. When your coach tells longtime season ticket holders that the reason millionaires are missing layups is because they are getting booed at home - it's a bad sign.

5. When those same multi-millionaires cannot scrape together a consistent effort game in and game out - it's a bad sign.

6. When the team appears listless and unmotivated every night - it's a bad sign.

7. When your "star" point guard walks out on the team, the team unanimously votes to not have him play next game back, and the coach overrules them, pays the guard and they lose anyway - it's a bad sign.

How many more bad signs do you need Jimmy? How many more terrible loses? Since the Knicks "only" lost by 7 tonight (they have been regularly blown out of games this season), does that count as improvement for you? Are you simply angling for the first pick in the draft? Remember there's a lottery system.

This disaster is only going to grow worse. And with the Garden emphatically throwing its support behind Thomas, are we really going to have to suffer all season?

Please Jim, let some of this sink in to your brain. Your team's fans hate you. They hate what you have done to the team. Hell, even the press hates you for the Big Brother atmosphere you have created for them.

Maybe firing Thomas isn't enough after all - maybe you should, instead, fire yourself.

Your successor will know what to do with Thomas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Announcement and Some Thoughts

In light of New York Knicks ownership's announcement that they are steadily and unfailingly behind coach and general manager Isaiah Thomas, I am officially protesting in the only way I, a faceless, voiceless fan can - I am no longer going to be actively following the Knicks.

Since I don't pay to go to games, and I a not a Cablevision subscriber,Jimmy Dolan could care less about what i think. Still, what else can I do? In light of 2 embarrassing loses to Philly, the team looks less and less interested and the coach is getting an absolutely free pass.

Sure the team has gone through tons of turmoil. But the mark of a good team is - they rise up. They come together and they come through it. The Knicks have completely fallen apart.

So as of now, unless the team suddenly rips off 7 of 10 (showing they are playing for the coach) or they fire the coach - I'll be checking box scores in the morning papers and that's it.

- In light of the Jets loss yesterday - well, in all honesty, what's to say? I have serious doubts about Kellen Clemens as a starting quarterback but I think it would be a huge mistake to start Pennington again this season. Give Clemens the final 3 games as his final audition. Let's be 100% sure this guy isn't our man before the Jets burn a first round pick on a QB.

- I think the 24.5 point spread for the Jets/Pats game (mentioned on WFAN this morning) will be heading north in the next few days. In light of the hurt the Pats put on the Steelers (a good, not great team) for a guaranty by some silly safety, what kind of hurt do you think they will want to smack down on the coach they have used as motivation for the entire season? As much as I fail to see what Eric Mangini did wrong by exposing a cheater, apparently, it was really bad form.

- On a similar note, I was very happy the Steelers lost for two reasons. 1. You do not want to be the team the pats play the week after a team snaps their pursuit of perfection and 2. - Can you imagine how awesome it would be if the Jets actually won now? Sure it will never happen, but it would make up for alot (though certainly far from all) of this season's major disappointment.

- I've written about it before (as has pretty much everyone else) but Laverneous Coles is one of the toughest players to ever strap up a green helmet. Playing through serious pain, barely able to get up after catches, he had some big first down grabs in a meaningless game. Why? Because his team needs him. I hope he has a good money manager because he's going to have serious medical issues when he retires (try Googling Wayne Chrebet's name and see how he is living these days).

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Top 10 Things You Can Accomplish While Watching TV

10. Change a lightbulb (so long as the offending light is in the same room as the TV)

9. Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner

8. Add to Joe's contempt

7. "Babysit" your kids

6. Gain weight

5. Earn points towards your official "Couch Potato Fan Club" membership

4. Learn all kinds of useless facts

3. Destroy braincells

2. Travel (but only with a Slingbox)

1. Spend quality family time (but only if you and your family enjoy the same programs)

And they say TV is bad for you......

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sour Grapes and Other Thoughts

- In the understandably sad aftermath of a 40-13 dismantling by the New York Jets, several key Miami players basically spent their press conferences saying how they can't believe they lost at home to the Jets. Veteran Jason Taylor even went so far to say"they stink too", before he was basically pulled of the stage by Dolphin press people.

Um, shouldn't you guys show a little more humility? You just got dismantled by 27 points by the team you claim to be better than - meanwhile you haven't won a game all year.

In fact the Jets have won the last four meeting with the 'Fins and reports are now surfacing that they had been seething all week after being proclaimed underdogs to a winless team.

So kudos to the Jets who instead of talking sour, went out and crushed the team that was the cause of their embarrassment.

- Well Jets fans who are concerned about Clemens - it could be worse - your QB could be Beck. Congrats Miami fans - if management decides this guy is the future, prepare yourselves for 5 years of 7 yard pass plays and screen passes.

- Hate the Minaya trade - look my my comments on Joe's blog for this.

- Love that the Rangers beat Ottawa on Saturday. Even if they did catch them during a downturn, it's important to gain confidence against your key rivals.

- Hate the speculation in the papers that the Rangers are considering packaging their young talent into another superstar. Why? How many more scorers do you need? The offense is starting to click. Make smaller moves - upgrade at backup goalie - maybe try to find another defenseman or an upgrade to the fourth line. But Matts Sundin?