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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rangers Ranger Rangers

Because I'm really bored:

"Cullen was an excellent #3 center and the Rangers have now taken the strongest position and created questions on the 3rd line and on the PK unit - which already was weakened by the inexplicable letting go of Jed Ortmeyer."

So said Joe - in response to an earlier post I wrote this offseason about the Cullen salary dump trade.

The Rangers are currently fourth in the league in penalty killing, at just under 87%. The have fantastic penalty killers in Blair Betts, Scott Gomez (new addition), Chris Drury (new), Sean Avery, Brendan Shanahan and even Marcel Hossa has done some nice work out there. Losing Jed Ortmeyer was not a big deal at all.

At the time, I mentioned that the Jed Ortmeyers of the world are a dime a dozen. The Rangers fourth line (Betts, Orr, Hollweg) is as energetic as it was with Ortmeyer and their penalty killers are even better (would you honestly rather have Ortmeyer out there or Brendan Shanahan?).

As for centers - The Rangers strut out Brandon Dubinsky (a fantastic addition), Scotty Gomez and Chris Drury - with Blair Betts doing the honors for the fourth line. In other words - the Rangers are stronger top to bottom than they were last year - and they have not missed Cullen or Ortmeyer at all.

I'm just saying......


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