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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post 325

First off, if you haven't seen the post below, it's worth checking out.

Second - check out this awesome link. If you love either nature, the ocean or surfing, this is also worth checking out.


Finally - Local tabloids are reporting that the Knicks are internally discussing ways to get rid of crazy person du jour, Stephon Marbury. Whether by trade (not likely - Steph is owed something like 42 million bucks over the next 2 years), a buyout (Knicks modus operendi) or simply reducing his minutes dramatically ( I for one am in favor of a combination of Crawford, Nate Robinson and Mardy Collins getting the lion's share of the point guard minutes), they seem to be thinking of pulling the plug on the Starbury era in New York.

Personally, I think anything short of a trade has all the makings of a very ugly situation. While Marbury has been playing decently and under control so far this season, his disastrous final minutes against the Heat on Sunday show why other, more deserving players should be getting his minutes. He has lost alot of his explosiveness - very problematic for a score first point guard. The team doesn't need messy, protracted buyout negotiations while they try and find themselves (especially with a potential horror show of a west coast swing coming up) or having Steph grousing on the bench (same huge distraction).

But since a trade is almost out of the question, we will have to see how this plays out.


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