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Friday, November 30, 2007

Need More Proof Jimmy?

Last night's game against the Boston Celtics provided anyone with a set of eyes and even a tiny brain all the proof you need top see Isaiah Thomas has lost the Knicks. It provided undeniable evidence that he needs to be fired and he needs to be fired right now. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Do not coach tonight's game against the Bucks. Just go. Let Herb Williams coach out the string if you don't want to pay anther salary this year, but get rid of Thomas.

It's addition by subtraction. Not only has his team quit on him, but he's a terrible distraction too. He has the Anucha Brown Saunders thing hanging over the entire organization like the Sword of Damocles - his point guard is threatening to dish the dirt - I mean how embarrassing does it have to get before Jim Dolan smokes this guy?

The Knicks lost to a better team last night. Granted, the Celts have three all stars on their roster. But 45 points??? They were threatening to not break 50 halfway through the 4th quarter and only were saved from the Knick record low score when Nate Robinson his a 37 footer at the buzzer to get to the magical 59 number. Has there ever been a bigger tank job by a team since the Black Sox lost the world series in 1918?

The good news out of all this? Twofold - Dolan cannot possibly keep Thomas around much longer - even his unfailing loyalty has limits and - I was able to watch the Rangers beat the Islanders without having to flip too much.

In fantasy news - I eschewed the experts advice and started Favre over Anderson this week. The result? Favre left the game with an injury and I will lose my fantasy match against Akiva - despite really liking my lineup this week.



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