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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My home computer is down (again) so I'm going to rip out some quick hitters:

- The Jets were truly horrendous on Thanksgiving. SO bad, in fact, that I had trouble holding down the many pounds of turkey I ate earlier in the day. Kellen Clemens was terrible, but not as bad as his offensive line. He barely has a second to set up in the pocket - pressured on almost every possession. I have major concern about his accuracy.

- With the Original Evil Empire opening talks with the Twins re: Santana, and the New Evil Empire probably not far behind - I have trouble seeing Omar making a serious play. The Mets just don't have the pitching prospects to build a deal around. Isn't a Milledge, Gomez starting point a bit repetitive? Are Humber and/or Pelfry worth anything on the market at this point? If Minaya can really swing a deal for any legitimate "ace" this offseason, I will be impressed.

- Turkey makes me sleepy.

- Sunday afternoon's game aside, the Rangers really look like championship material to me. Their forwards play defense, their defense is solid. The goaltending is spectacular. Assuming they ever start scoring, they can be a juggernaut.

- Despite their 2 game winning streak, the Knicks have a long way to go. They are talented, no question, but their energy second team can't really score. They lack a consistent outaide shooter and they need a shot blocker who can protect the rim. As much as I love David Lee, his offensive game is very limited. If he's not dunking, chances are he's missing a 15 footer or bricking a layup. I hate Thomas and want him fired badly.


  • The Jets were terrible? Anyone else on the field to help them be terrible?

    By Anonymous db, at 8:39 PM  

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