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Monday, November 19, 2007

Additional Thoughs (On everything)

- It was embarrassing how there were more Steeler fans in the house yesterday than Jet fans. It was even apparent on TV just listening to the cheering. Though I guess when your team has one win and 32 losses, it's harder to sit outside in the cold and watch.

- When your entire fan base breathes a sigh of relief that you decide to nix a free agent deal you had in place, does that automatically mean it was a bad move to begin with?

- If the Mets replace Glavine (something like 0-5 with an infinity ERA in his last 7 starts) and his 200 innings with Livan Hernandez and his 200 innings, is that such a huge drop off? Can't we use some of the money we will save on some much needed relief help?

- What does the Castillo 4 year deal mean for Rubin Gotay?

- When you win a game getting 4 goals from your low scoring defense it means either (a) your big guns just aren't producing enough, or (b) something extremely special is happening with your team.

- In a related story, I'm watching so much hockey these days because, just 9 games into the season, the Knicks have already become an unwatchable mess. Kudos to Isaiah Thomas for taking a team vote about playing Marbury and going against the reportedly unanimous decision not to play him. Way to hold on to your locker room.

- Though I know they will get killed, I'm excited to see the Jets play on Thanksgiving and Revis running with Owens.

- Got to side with Chipper Jones on this whole David Wright wins the Gold Glove thing. David Wright? Gold Glove? Really?

- At this point, the only question is will the Pats run the table on their way to beating the Cowboys/Packers in the Super Bowl.



  • "It was embarrassing how there were more Steeler fans in the house yesterday than Jet fans."

    I didn't see you there. And there weren't more Steelers fans, but it may have seemed that way since they arrived early and were extremely loud. I'd say it was around 55-45 percent Jets fans.

    As for Castillo, he's extremely overrated. I'd have gone with Gotay and Easley. And I don't understand the refusal to bring back Lo Duca for two years. I have serious doubts that Omar knows what he's doing, though I'll wait another month before drawing any conclusions. The Daily News article about Willie removed any doubt I had that he is an incompetent moron.

    David Wright did not deserve the Gold Glove.

    I think you botched your paragraph about Marbury.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 11:36 AM  

  • From what I had heard the team unanimously voted to have him sit the game he returned and Isaiah played him 35 minutes.

    i think Omar (right or wrong) is worried about the defensive issues which exist if you have a platoon of Easly/Gotay. I don't hate the Castillo deal. LoDuca is 35? 36? and I think there's bad blood with him and management. He's declining. I have no problem with them signing a second rate defensive catcher and splitting time with Castro.

    I reserve all judgement on Omar until I see how the bullpen and starting rotation shakes out.

    When I see Willie all I can see is Herm edwards.

    By Blogger Elster, at 11:41 AM  

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