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Friday, October 12, 2007

Thoughts From Last Night's Game

Just some quick thoughts from last night's Knick - Maccabi Tel Aviv game to get you all through the weekend:

- Last night's crowd resembled a UN rally for Israel - some married people, some Israelis and about 15,000 high school aged kids, most of whom couldn't identify Stephon Marbury from Nadav Henefeld (not playing).

- The crowd was at least 75% Jewish - and the Rabbi of Migdal Ohr, the organization the proceeds of the game went to, led the Am Yisroel Chai song at halftime from mid court - AND EVERYONE SANG. Pretty neat.

- MTA got off to a quick start against a very listless Knick team, but when Jamaal Crawford scored the first 7 points of the second half, the game was over.

- Good to see Vonteego Cummings and Marcus Fizer back in action. I had missed them since the college days.

- The game itself sucked, but i have to say it was a great experience. I was 2 rows from courtside, right near the MTA bench - not the loudest group of guys you will ever hear. It's amazing how BIG these guys are up close. The crowd, lots of Israelis in the house, made the game very festive. Lots of Mac-A-BI chants during the game and the crowd was clearly for the visitors. Well, this WAS a Knick game so not all that surprising.

Well, I'm off to cull together a fantasy squad to get beaten into submission by Moc. Have a great weekend.


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