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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Throwing It Out There - and other random thoughts

The Jets are 1-5. No matter who they toss out to start at quarterback the remainder of the season, the chances of going 9-1 in their last 10 and making a playoff spot (or even 8-2 and sneaking in at 9-7) are so remote, it doesn't even really pay to consider. (Though with my skill as a prognosticator, watch the Jets go 9-1, make the playoffs, and then we will have Joe taking the above as a quote on The Zionist Conspiracy, telling all of his loyal readers how dumb I am. Actually, I hope that happens.) After all, neither Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens can stop the run, consistently make field goals, and/or tackle wide receivers who make 10 yard catches before they turn those into 55 yard TDs.

That being said, if it's true that QB hungry teams were inquiring after Mr. Pennington, why wouldn't you have dealt him for a player or draft pick at this point in the season? Are Messrs Mangini and Tannenbaum worried about the season turning into a rout? The season IS turning into a rout. What, exactly, was the downside of such a trade? Worse case scenario, we find out in an already down year that Clemens isn't the guy and we know we need someone else next year. Best case scenario, you find a way to get Pennington off the books without the embarrassing benching sequence, you get to test your young QB in an already lost season and you get a player or draft pick in the process.

Obviously it would have been had to trade Pennington because of cap issues and maybe no one was really asking. But if there were real inquiries, why not pursue them? Am I missing something but what was the downside here?

- Speaking of Tannenbaum read this quote. Then read it again:

"I think the team got better over the course of the season. That's what I'm looking forward to this year. We're heading in the right direction. They're getting coached well, they're being developed and they're getting better. Although we haven't seen it with our record yet, I have seen progress."

Huh? Is he watching the same game I am? Where, exactly, is the progress? The Jets defense, which played pretty well the second half of last season, has been awful. They can't tackle, can't fill gaps, can't stop little plays from becoming big plays. John Vilma continues to go in reverse and Kerry Rhodes has taken a step back since his monster season last year (though I suspect that's partially due to the scheme). A rookie cornerback who didn't even play during the preseason is leading the team in tackles. The defensive line didn't get better. The running game is, for the most part, terrible. The loss of Pete Kendal seems to have dropped lines play back a few steps too (though give them credit for a decent job of pass protection so far this season).

Coached well? They miss tackles, blunder about with poor game plans and generally seem to lack fire.

All in all, not exactly his finest hour as GM of the Jets.

Look, I like the Mangini/Tannenbaum duo. They seem to have a plan and it's unfair to not give the plan time to develop. Keep in mind that the Patriots under The Evil Genius got a gift from the Jets when Drew Bledsoe got injured and unproven Tom Brady had to step in. That sped up New Englands ascension. These things take time. Let's give the brain trust the rest of the season at least to show this so called "progress".

- At the urging of several people I don't know (ESPN's Bill Simmons as well as TV Guide's Matt Roush and Michael Ausiello, the wife and I spent $14 plus shipping and handling for the first season of Friday Night Lights. Have to tell you, $14 bucks very well spent.

Any show that can grab both the wife and I has to be diverse. She hates football and I hate soapy type crappola. What raises this show to another level: Two things - the football scenes don't look staged and the acting is top rate. Zach Gilford's Matt Saracen, the back-up qb thrust into the starting role, with a dementia ridden grandmother, a crappy job flipping burgers and a very endearing stutter when he talks to girls, is the most believable tv character I have ever seen. Coach Taylor and his wife (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton) are perfect and the character that make up Dillon, Texas' universe are all well acted and believable. And This is after only watching the first 7 episodes. I simply cannot understand why this show is floundering.

Now supposedly the second season started with a horrendous plot twist which has fans reeling. Sometimes shows are forced to leave their own blueprint for success when the ratings aren't there. i don't know, nor do I want to know, the twist - yet. Until I catch up. But until then, I am deeply enjoying this ride. Some shows peak in their first season. I have watched shows like that before too.

But for 14 bucks, you can take a chance on greatness.


  • 1. "if it's true that QB hungry teams were inquiring after Mr. Pennington, why wouldn't you have dealt him for a player or draft pick at this point in the season?"

    Yeah, let's trade Chad for a 3rd round pick and then give Clemens the job next year no matter what. Makes lots of sense to turn into the 2008 version of the Panthers. We'll just sign Vinny next year, right?

    2. Tannenbaum's latest statements were idiotic.

    3. The whole Kendall thing is overblown. They couldn't run block with him last year.

    4. You watch way too much TV.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 9:56 AM  

  • 1. Um, Joe - I hate to break it to you, but the Jets are 1-5 WITH Mr. Pennington. Defensive backs are openly saying his ball takes too long to get there. His arm isn't going to get any better and you need a vertical passing game to win in the NFL - especially if you have a so-so defense. You honestly believe that Chad Pennington is the future of the organization at this point? Because if you are saying that, you are in a severe minority.

    As for Clemens in 2008 - I specifically said lets give him 2007, already a lost year, and see what he has. if he isn't good enough, then they need to go back to the drawing board. They seem to think they have something with him though.

    2. Agreed.

    3. The point is the line stinks.

    4. Your opinion. I actually watch significantly less tv than the people I associate with. Keep in mind Joe - I don't spend three hours every 2nd or third night watching hockey or basketball. With the invent of the dvr, i can watch a show in 45 minutes. And i don't really wacth that many shows.
    Not that i feel as though I need to defend myself to you....

    By Blogger Elster, at 11:20 AM  

  • 1. Start Clemens if you want, but trading the starting QB in middle of the season for a mid-round pick is silly. You can get the same mid-round pick after the season if you're sold on Clemens and feel that Chad is done.

    Personally I would keep both Clemens and Pennington through 2008 and release Chad then if Clemens proves himself.

    I don't think you understand how few good QBs there now are.

    2. My point above was not that the OL stinks but that it wouldn't be much better with Kendall. Did you see the end of the Giants vs. Redskins game, when two runs to the left side were stuffed?

    3. I don't know who you associate with, but they must really watch too much TV.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 11:37 AM  

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