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Monday, October 22, 2007

Grounding the Jet?

Sure, you cannot blame Chad Pennington solely for this week's disaster. He didn't give up 800 rushing yards and 3 rushing td's to a Rudi Johnson-less Bengal team. He didn't let the Bengals march up and down the field at will in the second half. He didn't shank a punt. He didn't coach the team - or drop 3 passes. He didn't fail to open up any holes or fail to run through them.

In other words, though his weak arm is a problem, it's far from the only problem.

But, and here's the big but, Eric Mangini can't get rid of his defensive line. Or his offensive line. He can make a change at QB. He can throw Clemens out there and let us see what we have. Start planning for next season. Start figuring out who stays and who goes. Because right now, the whole mess ain't working.

For fantasy purposes - I am the kiss of death. If you play for my fantasy team, it means that not only will YOU get hurt, but anyone connected to you will as well. If you are a receiver, your QB, and backup QB, will both be out for extended periods. I started Schaub this week, desperate for a healthy body. Result - injured in the first quarter. I am pulling backup running backs off the scrap heap week to week because none of my backs are healthy. My wide receivers are healthy but they have 3rd string qb's throwing to them. I can't get a break. The result - Tom Brady's 48.5 points was the same as my ENTIRE STARTING OFFENSE gave me this week. By right, I should lose every fantasy game the rest of the season. all my best players are hurt. I'm using my 4th string and 23rd string RB's and 5 or 6 qb's have been on my roster. A total mess.


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