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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Few, Subtle Changes

And lest anyone think this is some sort of Halloween joke to scare all of you, rest assured it isn't:

Though there are no viewers to take heed (not being bitter, just realistic), I have made some slight changes to Elster's World. That's right, Elster's World is now once again known as Elster's World - no longer to be called Elster's Sports World.

This change is a long time coming I think. I made the initial change simply because I was getting tired of cranking out posts I had to give significant thought to when I had such a limited viewership to begin with. If no one was going to read, I reasoned, then I'll just write solely about sports. Yes, I know the logic is a tad difficult to follow since you need to give thought to sports posts as well. No one ever said I made any sense.

However, these past few months I have been getting the desire to branch back out. Since this blog has always been about me first and the viewers (however many or few) second (no offense to any of you of course), and since I've actually enjoyed writing the Elster Reviews for In Rainbows and Friday Night Lights, I think the time has come to officially become a blog about everything again.

For those of you who read regularly, once in a while or who pop in on the "Jarrod Mustaf" Google search, I hope you all enjoy...


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