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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Black Day For ESPN?

Am I the only right minded person in the world who thinks Rick Reilly is completely unfunny? His back page articles are silly and his Riffs of Reilly thing on SI.com is almost embarrassing.

Why is ESPN turning the Dan Patrick switch to SI into a Biggie Tupac war. Let Patrick go and be done with it. Did they really need to "retaliate" by bringing in the most unfunny funny guy in sports? Wouldn't they have done better giving Joe Namath a bottle of scotch, some "pain medication" and a microphone? Who wouldn't watch that? Instead, we will all be subjected to Reilly and Simmons get into a pissing contest for funnyman turf at ESPN - a lose lose situation for Reilly, who isn't funny to begin with.

Note - I have no idea if Reilly was really hired by ESPN in response to the hiring of SI of Patrick and I don't really care. I'm just upset that, with the way ESPN over promotes everything, Reilly is going to be in my grill 24/7.

In other news, Eric Mangini refuses to name a starter for Sunday's game against Buffalo. Isn't that the equivalent of naming Clemens the starter or am I crazy here?


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