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Monday, October 29, 2007

Are The Pats Looking For A BCS Win?

Watching the New England Patriots annihilate team after team, a few things are becoming clear:

- This Pats team is the deepest, and best team to strap it on since the San Fransisco 49er glory years.

- Bill Belichick is doing everything in his power to win Tom Brady the elusive MVP he so richly deserves.

- Belichick has turned his cheating into an Us Against Them rallying cry for his team - once again proving he's by far the best coach in the National Football League right now.

What else have we learned? That the only thing worse than running up the score in these games is whining about it afterwards. These are NFL teams the pats are playing, not division II schools getting rolled by Florida State. If these teams had any pride, they would make some stops and lose games by 20 instead of 35. Crying and whining about it afterwards is jut embarrassing.

So when the Jets play the pats in New England later this season, I fully expect (barring catastrophic injuries to all of Seymour, Vrable, Thomas, Brady, Moss, Welker, etc.) the final score to be 62-13. I expect Belichick to disdainfully walk past a shell shocked Eric Mangini and refer to him as "the other coach" in the post game interview. I expect myself to hate the Patriots even more than I already do. But I hope that I don't hear a defeated, over the hill Eric Barton crying after how "the Pats have no respect for the league" or "I can't wait to see these guys again next year". Because you know what Eric, the pats can't wait to see you again either.

They are looking to hang 62 points on someone again.


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