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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, What Did You Expect?

- While it appears as though the Mets will lose the first of a very important 6 game test (3 against Philly followed by three against the Braves), you can't be too devastated by this one. The Mets lost this game the minute Sandy Alomar Sr. took out the game line up card with the words "B. Lawrence" penned in for the starting pitcher. Championship teams do not throw Brian Lawrence out there every five games.

Joe has been nagging me constantly to throw him his props for correctly calling that Omar Minaya flubbed the offseason in terms of the pitching staff, especially the relievers. The fact is, the Mets starters are not lasting deep into games (except for the mysteriously ageless El Duque) and the relief corps simply can't hold leads, from the long reliever (Sele) to the closer (Wagner) and everyone in between.

At the end of the day, the Mets need to, at an absolute minimum, split the next six. Anything less than that is a disaster.

- We held our second annual fantasy football league draft Saturday night. ESPN runs a great draft, the experience is easy and enjoyable. I lucked out with the second overall pick and grabbed Stephen Jackson. Rounding out my key positions, I have Rudi Johnson, Cedric Benson and Deuce McAllister at RB, Mark Bulger at QB, Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Laverneous Coles and Plax at receiver, Tony Gonzalez at TE and some stud defenders. The overall impression is that everyone picked pretty well (easy in a shallow league). Hopefully I'll have a better showing than last year's injury plagued disaster.


  • "Championship teams do not throw Brian Lawrence out there every five games."

    You are oblivious to the fact that GMs of teams that draw 3.5 million must have better starting pitchers than Brian Lawrence.

    Not to mention that pathetic bullpen and the fact that Willie keeps sending Mota out there.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:35 PM  

  • "Championship teams do not throw Brian Lawrence out there every five games."

    Do you remember last year's champion's rotation? Simply not true.

    By Anonymous db, at 8:12 PM  

  • Surely you're not referring to Carpenter or Suppan. Weaver and Reyes are better than Lawrence.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 8:41 PM  

  • The other difference is that, at least, the cards MADE the playoffs. It's very possible that after three games in Atl the Mets will be on the outside looking in. The bullpen, mediocre all season, is now flat out awful and only Glavine (shock) and el Duque can be relied on to get out of the 6th. I'm officially on record as saying it's time to get Pelfrey into the bullpen asap. he can't possibly be WORSE than Sosa, Schoenweis, Heilman or even wagner.

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:10 AM  

  • Pelfrey is not the answer. There are a few relievers in AAA who have had pretty good years, but Omar only calls up pitchers with 95 MPH fastballs (the exception being Pedro, whose fastball is now around 85).

    One example is Willie Collazo, who has a 2.46 ERA in 98 innings pitched. He relies on his changeup, so he's totally ignored. There are others, and all could not possibly be worse than Mota and Schoeneweis.

    As for Sosa, that is Willie's fault. He overused Sosa, who had been starting all season.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:13 AM  

  • Disaster - thank the lord for football season.

    By Blogger Elster, at 11:01 AM  

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