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Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Stuff

Despite the fact that my only regular commenter is very busy, I thought I would write anyway:

- Curious decision by the Mets, not so much firing Rick Down (firing coaches to jump start teams is very common) but hiring Ricky Henderson to some as of yet unassigned role. I guess I'm ok with him at first and HoJo as hitting coach, but I'm not 100% sure I understand bringing him back at all. This is the same guy who (i) still wants to play, not coach, (ii) played cards in the Mets clubhouse as the season was going down in flames and (iii) once ended up on first base after hitting a ball off the wall because he was in his home run trot (the Mets released hm the next day). The Mets have hustle issues - punctuated by Jose Reyes' recent benching and the fact that no one hustles down the first base line. Do we really think bringing Ricky into the mix is going to make that better?

- I applaud the Julio Franco waiver. Every one does, no great shock there. Thankfully Minaya isn't being overly ego about it and holding on to him despite his sub-Mendoza batting average and the fact that he can't run or play defense either. And you have to love the energy that Lastings Milledge brought to the game last night, scoring from first on a single. He was hustling all the way. And without the dreadlocks and elbow armor, he seems to be less brash. I am not sure if he is being showcased for the trade deadline or if he has a legitimate chance to stick for the rest of the season, but I hope that either way he's successful.

- On the injury front, there seems to be some good news. OP should start Sunday, Alou is playing a rehab game... ok, Alou's not coming back this season - and even if he does, he's just another injury away from being gone anyway. Then there's the Jose Valentin - I punched a wall in anger injury that somehow managed to hurt only his pinky. well, that wall may have cost Valentin his starting job. The way Gotay is hitting, it will be hard to Willie to keep him out of the lineup. Also, I'd like to see how Gotay does with a regular diet of at bats.

- The Knicks have been playing really well in the summer league in Vegas. In basketball importance, this translates to..nothing. Though with any luck, Nate Robinson will continue to excel and the Knicks can unload him and an expiring salary for something. The roster has too many players on it (especially the way D Nicholls has been shooting it, I can't imagine he's going to the D-League) and a couple of players need to hit the chopping block. Nate's game is perfect for Phoenix, and the Suns love giving away draft choices (rather than having to pay them). Maybe we can trade Robinson and Dickau's expiring deal for the Suns end of the first round draft pick next season. I'm on board for that.


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