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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quick Update

If only I could blame a busy schedule on the lack of posting (though I have been very busy) when the truth is so much more painful. The Mets general crappiness have made them difficult to write about.

- They can't pitch, can't field (4 errors in one game????), can't hit (where have you gone Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado - oh and Jose Valentin and Shawn "watch my batting average free fall" Green) and are struggling to manage. I never thought I'd say this but all of a sudden I'm hoping the Mets can hold it together long enough for Pedro's return to give them the spark they need. All in all, a VERY dissatisfying season to this point.

- Boring Shmorng - Congratulations belatedly to a great championship team, the San Antonio Spurs, who won for the fourth time. Sure they aren't sexy. Sure Tim Duncan is one of the most boring superstars of all time (think a taller, more athletic Harrison Ford). Sure Robert Horry sounded like a jackass when he said that this Spurs team would crush the 80's Lakers and Celtics (um, those teams trotted out hall of fame lineups there Bob). Sure they took Euro-flopping to a whole new level (even David Stern admitted that flopping is out of control at this point). And sure they defeated an eastern Conference opponent which consisted of one star and 11 role players - most of whom couldn't even sit on the Spurs bench. Even so, this Spurs team was a great team. They played defense, were hard nosed and scored. Kudos to them.

- The NBA draft is coming in 7 days. Sadly, I'm more concerned that former Hoya Jeff Green lands in a good place than I am with who the Knicks will be drafting. As all these silly Kobe/KG to the Knicks rumors continue to persist (um, people, the Knicks don't have tradeable assets!), it doesn't really seem to matter much who Isaiah gets at 21. while this is a very strong draft class, it would be shocking for the Knicks to get an impact player at that stage of the draft. And they shouldn't be trading away anyone on the roster under 25 to move up in the draft. If the Knicks can dump Marbury or Francis, good riddance. But these guys have no value (well Francis has value as an expiring contract, but only closer to the deadline).

- Funny thing in SI.com's truth and rumors section. The Boston Herald reports that a KG to the Celts trade is warming up while the Minn paper states that there are no substantial talks taking place at all. The moral of the story - don't trust the sports media. Their entire purpose is to sell papers.

- I have no words about the Kobe video. I'm not sure who is more despicable - Kobe for throwing his teammates and bosses under the bus to complete strangers in a parking lot or those complete strangers looking to make a buck 99 per person off of it.


  • Alas I was painfully right about the Mets. Of course, I'm just about always right.

    Kobe is also right. He's throwing his bosses under the bus? (Was the pun intended on your part?) How could they not trade for Jason Kidd? As a Nets fan it was a huge relief.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 9:31 PM  

  • It was a partial pun - whenI initially was thinking this post, i was going to write "Buss". I was actually referring to (a) his talk about Bynum and (b) he shouold know better than to let his claws come out in public. That's why Kobe will never be Michael. Jordan was just as viscious and cutthroat as Kobe, but he was teflon in public. Kobe has never learned that trick.

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:45 PM  

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