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Monday, May 07, 2007

Summing Up (Part Of) A Busy Sports Sunday

- Joe has a nice and fitting summation to the Rangers season ending loss to Buffalo this afternoon. Since I'm not in the mood to get into a fight with him as to or not I have the right to comment on it, all I'll say is that the team provided me with two entertaining rounds of playoff hockey. They did lose a couple of winnable games and a few small bounces their was and they could have been celebrating tonight instead of going home empty handed. But considering they made the playoffs only on the strength of a do or die run at the end, it seems to me the Stanley Cup was a pipe dream for them this season.

And Buffalo was the better team playing with home-ice, which didn't help matters. Even if the Rangers won today, I couldn't really see them winning game 7 in Buffalo.

As Joe implied, they do seem to be only a few pieces (and an offensive defenseman) away from being a true contender. Certainly the goaltender is there. Jagr is still an elite player. Shanahan doesn't have that much left in the tank, but is still a strong leader. They have a good system and a good coach. One or two smart signings and this team can loft the Cup again.

- I have no energy to write the rest of the re-cap. You will have to live with this.



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