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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick Hitters

Right from the brain to the keyboard - with not much thought in between.

- The Nets are a pretty good team and I think will eventually win a couple of games before being bounced by the Cavs in 6, but no matter how talented your perimeter players are, you can't win in this league without at least one quality big man. And please don't say Mikki Moore or Bosjy Nachbar. Also, it would be nice if Vince could turn it on every game, not just when he has some extra motivation to succeed like he did in the Toronto series. shooting 38% from the field ain't gonna cut it Vince.

- I would like to see Jorge Sosa get another start with the big club - against wither the brewers or Yankees - to see how he pitched against good teams. The D-backs simply stink and were not really the best of tests. But Sosa definitely deserves another start after his fine performance the other night.

- I cannot even describe how excited I am getting for football this season. Just the words "mini camp" have ratcheted up the anticipation. I love all sports but nothing touches New York Jets football.

- Steve Nash is a brilliant basketball player and it's a real joy to watch the Suns play ball. After suffering through a Knicks season (and the Eastern conference in general), I sometimes forget how good basketball can look when it's played at high level, high octane offense, in a team style.

- As much as I respect Curt Schilling, he did overstep his bounds by stating that Bonds admitted to using steroids, cheating on his taxes and cheating on his wife. Though Schilling has a big mouth to begin with so nothing is surprising.


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