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Friday, May 04, 2007


- In light of the Dallas Mavericks' flameout for the ages, the question becomes - will Dirk Nowizki's winning the MVP award this year make him the least deserving MVP award winner ever?

I think the answer is no. You can argue all day as to whether Dirk should win the MVP this season - I believe that he award should probably go to Steve Nash - the man responsible for keeping all those scorers in Phoenix happy. You could also make a pretty good case for Kobe or Dirk.

But the fact remains - the MVP is a regular season award. Dirk led his team to an NBA best record and a couple of really dominant stretches of the season. Regardless of his disappearing act in the playoffs (kudos for at least some of that should go to his former coach Don Nelson), Nowitzki had a very good regular season. and since there was no clear cut winner this season, you can simply shrug your shoulders and say "Why not Dirk?".

- With the Yankees about to start their 10th pitcher in 30 games (a very dubious record) and Manny watching his game winners leave the park in awe, we may have lost sight of something pretty amazing this week. it seems New England's most favored son, the golden boy of golden boys (no, I'm not talking about Randy Moss), Tom Brady IS A YANKEE FAN.

Tom, in light of your past season (threw a clutch interception in the final minutes against the Colts, left your hot actress girlfriend pregnant with his love-child for a supermodel) is it really the time for you to be donning Yankee hats in public? Tom the only place people (and by people I mean men) don't hate you is in New England. Do you really want to alienate your only remaining male fan base?

In fact, in light of this outrage, I think the only thing management can do is trade Brady. And for extra punishment, send him where he is hated the most - New York. even though his trade value is low, I think we can convince Team Tangini to give up a seventh rounder in next year's draft for the fallen angel.

- While Moises Alou is showing signs of being brittle (had to leave the game again last night with a balky knee) David Wright has shown signs of finally snapping his season long funk. He is 6 for his last 15 (.400) with 2 home runs. I am liking the Mets lineup even more than last year. Alou and Green are providing great balance in the 6 and 7 slots, allowing Jose Valentin, when healthy, to bat eighth. Honestly, this is an American league lineup that simply wears opposing pitchers down until they find and exploit a weak link (like last night when they scored 6 runs in the ninth to turn a 4-3 deficit into a 9-4 win).

When you add on to that very surprising seasonal starts by John Maine and Oliver Perez (and even Mike Pelfrey had a good start his last time out (3 runs in 6 and a third) and this Mets team is in pretty good shape.


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