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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Absurdity of Sports

Consider yesterday's sports related stories:

- A-rod allegedly screamed "mine" to the Blue Jays infield, causing a harmless pop fly to fall in for a hit. The Jays accused A-rod of being bush league (hmm, I know we have heard that before). A-rod counters - I said "hi". Uh -huh.

- The New York Post runs a two-day spread alleging that the aforementioned Rodriguez is cheating on his wife.

- Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is reportedly involved with a group trying to start a new professional football league. His reasoning: The demand for professional football is outweighed by the demand. This reasoning did wonders for the XFL and the USFL Mr. Cuban. Don't people realize you cannot mess with the NFL? At this point, could anything stop the NFL from taking over the world?

- Mets fans had mixed feelings for caught cheater Mota when he made his return to the diamond - though it was mostly applause at the end of his two scoreless innings.

- It was all negative reaction for alleged cheater Barry Bonds, who faced the wrath of new York fans. These same fans were pretty tough on Barry Zito as well. Apparently none of the paying customers in Shea last night could understand not leaving 51 million dollars on the table for the chance to play for the Mets.

- and strangest of all, the Mets got shut out for the first time all season.


  • 1. I have no problem with A-Rod calling out "mine." It's part of the game and the Jays should stop making excuses.

    2. Who cares if A-Rod cheats on his wife. Almost all atheletes do and while I don't condone it, it is completely irrelevant.

    3. The USFL was a wonderful league until it decided to directly compete with the NFL. A good spring football league - not a farce like the XFL - would be fantastic.

    4. The booing of Zito is absurd. He only had to move across a bridge and as you correctly noted, got much more money in San Francisco.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 10:48 AM  

  • 1 - According to what i was hearing on the radio this morning, there's an unwritten rule about calling for a ball when you are an offensive player. It's part of the so called "code". Either way, A-rod is totally the type of player to do something like this. somehow, I can't see Jeter stooping to this level, especially up 2 runs in the 9th.

    2. Agreed - thus the absurdity.

    3. The USFL was ok. I don't think the world need a second professional football league, just like we don't need winter baseball or a second basketball league.

    4. Agreed. New York fans can be stupid sometimes. Zito seems to be a class guy who wanted to live out West. That AND he got paid a ton of money. Why WOULD he come to NY? Besides, he's not an ace so who cares anyway?

    By Blogger Elster, at 11:03 AM  

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