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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things About The Mets That May Only Interest Me

My buddy Brian took his 11 year old son to Mets spring training for a few games last week. Since he has a connection, he was able to get into the dugout prior to the game for autographs and pictures. Here were his quick observations:

Nice guys - Jose Reyes, David Wright and Billy Wagner.

Biggest Jerk in the clubhouse - Moises Alou.

Potential Jerk who needs proper guidance - Carlos Beltran, who refused to sign the kid's baseball until Julio Franco came out and signed it first. And after hearing this, anyone who doesn't think that Franco saved the Mets season by turning Beltran around last year after the famous "curtain call" incident last season doesn't understand the importance of leadership and chemistry on a professional sports team.

Nice guys part II - Willie Randolph.

The kid got some fantastic shots with Wright, Reyes and Wagner. He has a baseball signed by the majority of the 25 man roster and memories he will have for the rest of his life.

THIS is why we love sports.


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