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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a great extra-long President's Day holiday weekend. Some quick hits from the sports weekend that was:

- It’s very sad when the absolute most exciting part of the NBA’s All-Star festivities, including the game itself, was a race between a 67 year old referee and a three hundred pound former player. Don’t get me wrong, the three and a half court length race between Dick Bavetta and the Round Mound of Rebound, Chuck Barkley, was incredibly entertaining on many levels (not the least of which was watching Chuck fall on his huge butt running the final leg of the race backwards. But come on NBA, is this really the best you can do? Really? No one cares about the dunk contest, the players are actively not trying in the skills competition, and the game itself is kind of lame too. Isn’t it time we put all star games and pro bowls to bed? Let’s just vote for “All Stars” over the course of the season and have a ceremony where they are all honored instead of subjecting the fans to this torture every year. Either that or figure out a way to inject some life into these events. For example, would you rather see a defense free All Star game with Kobe dunking at will or would you rather watch a “Hair Off” between Ben Wallace’s fro and Carmelo Anthony’s braids? Who am I kidding, you don’t really want to watch either. Let’s just put this tired idea to bed once and for all.

- Drama at Legends Field continues. Now we have A-Rod finally admitting to the most known secret in the world; that he is no longer best buds with Derek Jeter. You mean they aren’t “blood brothers” anymore? What could possible have happened? Oh yes, A-Rod threw Jeter under the bus back in 2001 and Jeter has decided (to the delight of Yankee haters everywhere) not to take the high road for once. Instead, he’s letting A-Rod drown in his own self-created tempest and it doesn’t look like he’ll be tossing out a life preserver any time soon.

- Less Drama in Metville – So after spending all winter thinking about the curve ball he didn’t swing at, Carlos Beltran finally realized it was unhit-able. Nothing be could do with that pitch. Oh really? Hey Carlos, did you ever consider taking a Keith Hernandez-like foul-it-off cut to protect the plate and hopefully get something you CAN hit later? Apparently not. On the bright side, he’s not letting it tear him up and he’s hungry and gunning for the MVP award. Then there’s Lastings Millege and his 19 pounds of muscle in camp this year with a new attitude. I don’t know about you but call me skeptical until we see him actually carry through on it.

- Downfall of Tom Brady? Of course not. But anything which makes a member of the Patriots seem less than perfect makes me happy. So the Tom Brady Bridgette Moynehan baby “scandal” is a story for me.

- Georgetown survived a Saturday scare but has moved up to 12 in the pools. They play hapless Cincy on Wednesday followed by a huge tilt with the other first place team in the Big East, Pitt. The winner of that game (assuming they can do halfway decently in the Big East Tournament) will probably get themselves a very high seeding in the NCAA tournament this March.

- Heartfelt good wishes to Ranger Brendan Shanahan who suffered a bad concussion this weekend. As the Times pointed out today, the Rangers are no strangers to careers affected by concussions. Let’s hope Shanahan’s was a one shot deal and he doesn’t suffer any lasting effects.


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