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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thoughts For A Thursday Morning

A couple of quick thoughts from the world of sports:

- Not to pat myself on the back for what was essentially an easy call, but allow me to pat myself on the back for nailing the Knicks loss to Philly last night. This tea is wildly inconsistent and just not good enough yet. Last night’s loss was pretty much a death knell for the playoffs. When you are six games (now seven) under .500, you can’t win one lose one and expect to make it to the post season. Isaiah needs to quickly implement my plan from yesterday if he expects to win.

- Even though last night’s victory over Cincinnati is not the best example, Georgetown is a stacked team going into the NCAA tournament this year. Not only do they have a stud player in forward Jeff Green and a rising stud in center Roy Hibbert, they get sensational play out of freshman guard Jessie Sapp and junior guard John Wallace (who looked bad last night despite scoring 15 points). The Hoyas also has excellent role/rotation players in DuJuan Summers, Vernon Macklin, Jeremiah Rivers (Doc’s son) and Patrick Ewing Jr. (Patrick’s son). Throw in an excellent coach and a great system and this is a dangerous team. If the Hoyas can beat Pitt on Saturday, they will lock up a high seed in the tournament and then watch out.

- Based on nothing (I have not yet read a word about individual training camp pitchers), my first blush guess on the starting rotation this April (subject to change and also subject to change) is: Glavine, Hernandez, Maine, Perez and Ho Park. I think Sele doesn’t make the team and I think the Mets send Vargas, Humber and Pelfrey to AAA New Orleans and tout them as the future top three of the rotation in a year or two.

The problem, of course (besides the fact that only two of those pitchers are proven commodities), is there aren’t any guaranteed 7 inning guys in this mix – the big problem last year. Once again, Omar Minaya is relying on overtaxing his revamped bullpen and having them take the ball 4 innings every night. The Mets really could us innings eaters in the rotation and rely on their offense to slug some of those games wide open. Maybe Maine and Perez, both young with fresh arms, can learn to be deeper inning pitchers.


  • This is the Mets post you e-mailed me about? What a letdown.

    Anyway, Maine uses tons of pitches, and always gets antsy wheh there's anyone on base.

    I'll be happy if Perez is a decent 5-6 inning starter. He pitched one very good game and now he's a star.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 9:39 AM  

  • Uch - how thoroughly disappointing. My first Joe comment (or any comment for that matter) in a while and it's nary an attack at all.

    Yes, last season, as a rookie, Maine threw too many pitches. But he has good stuff and hopefully he will *gasp* improve this season with a year under his belt.

    As for Perez, the Mets are in love with his tools. I am not sold. I think his issue is he's a head case. But if the Mets can make him right he's a very serviceable 3 or 4 starter.

    What is your feeling on the starting 5? Or do you not disagree?

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:47 AM  

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