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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big East Shifts As March Approaches

While THE story in college hoops this year is Oden vs Durant for some lucky lottery winner next summer, the Big East is begining to shake out as we hit the home stretch. With Louisville drubbing top seeded Pitt and Georgetown taking care of business against West Virginia last night, we seem to have anew frontrunner in the battle for the Big East crown.

Georgetown (who incidentally played eventual national champion Florida tougher than any other team in the tournament last March) is clearly the best team in the East right now and looks like it is primed to make a serious run in the NCAA tournament. The Hoyas have a good center (Roy Hibbert), one of the most versatile players in college in Jeff Green and a fantastic offensive system which allows them to play with any team in the league. They also play terrific defense, a trdemark of all of the great Hoya teams of the past. They must get by Villanova and dreadful Cinncy (both on the road) to set up a huge home game against Pitt (whose best player, mind you, is Aaron Gray - who looks like Shawn Bradley's younger, slightly shorter brother; not a very good sign for his NBA prospects).

It is nice to see a team (Georgetown) that plays as a true team (much like Florida) be successful and thrive in a very me-first sports culture.

Couple of other quick hits from the weekend that was:

- The Pro Bowl - A game I never watch because the only people who care even less than the players themselves are the fans. Though someone seems to have forgotten to mention this to Sean Taylor - who absolutely crushed the Bills punter on a fake punt in the first half. Hey Sean, we know how inportant your reputation for being a big hitter (not to mention gun carrying lunatic) is to you, but this is the Pro Bowl. Do you really want "injured opposing player in a meaningless game" added to your resume? To his credit, the punter got right up and even congratulated Taylor on the big hit.

- Along the same lines, football is simply too violent a sport to have an all star game. Look no further than Drew Brees and his dislocated elbow. If I was an owner, I would do everything in my power (including having the medical staff sign off on fake injuries) to keep my guys off the roster. Why risk a 10 million dollar investment on a game no one cares about? it makes no sense at all.

- Why has Lebron James taken three steps back this year? He seems to lack the fire necessary to be a great player. Guys like Iverson, Wade and the like throw themselves to the wolves to make their teams better. James seems to be gliding through the season. This needs to be watched.

- Now that the Mets have signed pitcher Chan Ho Park to a one year deal, all Met fans can rest easy. Why concern yourselves about the status of the Mets rotation and Pedro's return from injury (if ever) when you have Chan Ho Park stepping into the breach? And the even better news: his agent Scott Boras claims he's the number three starter. The Mets are going to need to average about 7 runs a game this year until Omar Minaya swings some mid season deal to land a starter.

And finally, the Kris Benson saga reached an all-time low yesterday when it was announced that he will undergo surgery for a partially torn rotator cuff. Does this mean the divorce is back on?

So to review, the Mets traded one year's worth of average Benson for number three starter John Maine and eventually El Duque. Now that's a trade. I will now go stare sadly at my Scott Kazmir baseball cards....

Correction: Jeff BORIS, not Scott Boras, is Park's new agent and made the comment. Thanks anon for correcting me.


  • Scott Boras is not Chan Ho's agent no more.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:50 PM  

  • Indeed, I read that Boras was fired as agent a few weeks ago.

    By Blogger Joe Schick, at 3:27 PM  

  • Anon and Joe:

    I re-checked after anon's comment and realized my error. A correction has been printed at the bottom of the article.

    By Blogger Elster, at 3:28 PM  

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