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Friday, December 01, 2006

Short Fridays

I'm really tired today, having suffered through some failed attempts to "Ferberize" my littles angel. And so, here I am, 11:30 in a morning that is creeping by and not feeling like doing anything more than exchanging cryptic emails about Tom Glavine (well at least one of you gets that) - but finding it difficult to complain too much.

See, being an observant Jew has some advantages. One of them is the winter Fridays at work. With suns setting in the four o'clock range, I'll be out the door at 1:30 today. 1:30 to leave to catch a 2:00 train - getting me home at 3-ish and giving me about an hour to get ready for the upcoming Shabbos. So even though the day is creeping, and even though it's only 11:30 - I'm still leaving to go home in two hours. Excellent.


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