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Monday, December 18, 2006

Have We Made Enough Substantial Progress Yet?

Substantial Progress.

That is what Jimmy (I have no idea what I am doing running professional sports organizations) Dolan mandated from Knicks coach Isiah Thomas this season on the heels of the Larry Brown debacle last year. Show ownership that the roster Thomas assembled were not a hodge- podge of players who could never play together. Show ownership that you could squeeze more wins out of the same group than Brown did. Show ownership…something.

After Saturday’s disturbing brawl with Denver, the question needs be asked. Has Thomas shown us all enough that it’s time to cut the cord with him once and for all and blow up this disaster once ad for all?

Reports are surfacing that Thomas may have ordered the hard hit on a Nuggets player as retaliation for the fact that Nuggets coach George Karl left his starters in when the game was essentially over and was letting his players run up the score. (It should be noted that Karl and Larry Brown are very good friends and Karl has been openly critical of Thomas and the way the Knicks handled the Brown situation 0 so it’s not inconceivable that is exactly why those starters were still on the floor.) In fact the tape of the game seems to indicate that Thomas warned Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony (a total thug in his own right) not to venture into the lane. 17 seconds later, Mardy Collins clothes lined a Nuggets player and it was the 2004 Pistons Melee all over again (though not nearly as bad).

Sure Anthony was the worst offender. But still, the Knicks could not possibly be a bigger embarrassment in the league right now. They have just 9 wins, cannot win on their own floor and despite oodles of “talent”, they flat out stink. Mix in a healthy dose of “this is the roster that Thomas himself created as team president”, and who else in the world can we blame for this mess?

A week ago, Dolan had once again confirmed that Thomas has until the end of the season to show the progress. But shouldn’t promoting brawls and putting out an awful product every night speed up the process? Is Cablevision really going to force us to watch this for the remainder of the season when everyone knows there is no way Thomas can turn this thing around now. It’s a bigger mess than last year – if only because no one considered Brown a joke.

So please, Jimmy D, we are begging you here. Just pull the plug. We don’t even care who you bring in to coach – just get rid of Thomas before you lose your fan base for good.


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