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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

DovBear Stikes Again - This Time By Accident

It seems the always controversial DovBear (no way I'm linking to him and directing even slightly more traffic his way) was caught plagiarising in no less that 14 separate instances on his blog. I'm way too lazy to actually write out my own thoughts on why plagiarism is bad (though I would think this to be obvious to anyone - stealing is bad). I'm also way to lazy to actually plagiarize someone else's thoughts on the matter. So instead, I'll link to Robert Avrech who did a nice job with this (as well as linking to other posts on the subject).

I'm also appalled by some of his supporters who seemd to think that since he's only done it a few times in thousands of posts, that makes it less of a big deal. Well, obviously those people have never written anything. Writing is creation. When an author pens an original thought, that line, that thought, belongs to them. When someone else takes it without permission, it is no different than stealing a painiting or hell, someone's wallet. Stealiong someones thoughts is always a big deal.

The truth is, I had previously stopped reading DovBear because I simply found him to be way too overbearing. I am against people who stir up controversy for the sake of controversy, a DovBear staple. In fact, DovBear's blog that was one of the prime reasons I wrote Machlokes and it's satirical follow up Public Service.

So DovBear's actions, to me, are a serious offense. Even if it's only happened a few times. And this time the controvery stirred up was unintentional.


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