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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


- In another gritty performance by Team Elster, the Elsters held on in a nailbiter over Team TO 125.5 to 119, no thanks to Eli Manning and Company who, along with Warrick Dunn, are clearly attempting to destroy my fantasy season at this point. I'm still looking up at Joe and Phan and my players need to play better for me to make a run at the top. Eli's play had been inexcusable of late. Thank the lord that at least i don't have the dreadful Plaxico Burress.

In other news, I am reading (really just started) a book called The Unchosen - The Secret Lives of Chassidish Rebels - written by someone named Hella Winston. Basically, it sort of goes through the reasons why certain members of prominent Chassidic groups leave the fold. I am not far into it yet. The thing that strikes me (so far) is that I have seen these stories playing out right here in J-Blogville. In fact, early in the book, Ms. Winston discusses a certain blogger who I am pretty sure I have read.

And the more I click on comments to these blogs, the more I see that there is a large contingency of Chassidish (or formerly Chassidish) bloggers, commentors and lurkers who tell their stories or simply use their spaces for some sort of creative expression. And these bloggers really run the gamut. I have seen a couple who are almost brilliant in their writing styles. I have seen (many) others who can barely type a coherent sentence, or who simply spew idiotic sentiment into cyberspace.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I want o post about this as a seperate essay when I finish the book. So you all get an incomplete thought right now.

I rarely ask for feedback, but if anyone fits into the above mentioned category or has something to add for the post (or even a reaction to the book), my email is posted somewhere on this blog (and also in the profile section).


  • Hasidic Rebel is the most interesting blog I've ever read (present company excluded, of course). MD from BYd'U (formerly BYd'Sp) said (before he finished it) that the book is not well done - focuses on a few isolated cases & mistakenly treats her findings as trends. He would know.

    By Anonymous DB, at 9:01 PM  

  • I agree (finished reading). I believe there IS a problem, but i don't think this book gets there. it focuses on too few examples and quotes asinine sources (the newsday????) for its "proofs". Was an enjoyable read though...

    By Blogger Elster, at 9:57 PM  

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