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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In Which I Make An Argument - Then Write Myself Out Of It

First off, let me remind you all for the four millionth time that I have a new Storytellers post up and my new blog collaboration with McAryeh has its first post up as well. Details can be found in the two posts directly below this one.

I have been a little (ok, a lot) slow at work this week and I took some time to surf the J-Blogsphere in search of some new (or old, but new to me) talent. My blog roll (not published, just in my head) has gotten very thin over the last year so I’m always on the lookout for things to read.

Sadly, my afternoon of blog reading made me come to the following initial assertion – some people just should not be allowed to blog.

But then I thought - that’s too strong. With the exclusion of those whose rhetoric is hatred or destruction, everyone deserves freedom to express themselves in a blog. The problem is, well, some people just cannot write. They cannot string together two coherent sentences, nor can they think of anything interesting to say. (Many would argue that any blog that over-stresses sports falls into the category of “nothing interesting to say” but I will leave that debate for another time.)

Personally, I don’t like blogs about politics, or that overly stress religion – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent blogs out there about politics or religion. I don’t really read any mega-blogs either (though that might just be bitterness on my part). Those blogs just aren’t my bag and I stay away from them.

No, the blogs to which I refer are the ones that are just so badly written, you wonder how these people manage to function in society on a day to day basis. If you can’t write, shouldn’t you find a different way to express yourself?

But, perhaps, that is the answer. Maybe there is no other way for some people to express themselves. Maybe many of the people who throw their hat into the J-Blog world do so because twenty-five stolen minutes a day on the computer is their only outlet into the world that so many of us take for granted. Maybe this is the only form of self expression - no matter how poorly written and how many rules of grammar are destroyed in the process – that they have.

So shockingly enough, I talked myself out of my original assertion. I guess, in the end, everyone (except for the aforementioned hate mongers) needs the ability to self-express – to get their thoughts into cyberspace if for no one other than themselves. Isn’t that the true nature of Blogger – to write your own web log? Who am I to say what people should write or how they should write it? Everyone should be able to do what they can with what gifts they had.

My choice is easy – if I’m not interested, I shouldn’t come back. So peace blog brothers. Let’s all do our own thing.


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