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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Gmar Chasimah Tovah and hopefully everyone had a very (fill in the appropriate word) Yom Kippur.

Before I forget, and thus first of all, Bellany finally came through with her Storytellers submission (link to Bellany here). We thank Bell under the better late than never collorary and we use her submission to further embarrass Jameel into finally submitting his phantom post (his "I should have it to you by next week" line is now in its fifth week, but to be fair, it's possible that time works differently in the Muquata).

What a wild 48 hours it's been. The Jets lost another painful roller coaster on Sunday - one that I wish I didn't spend about 2 hours watching instead of preparing myself for the big day. And there is so much to write about the game - but three things stand out to me - (i) Pennington looks great after his two surgeries. It's not so much the passes he makes but the poise- the way he runs the offense - that is so impressive. If the Jets can keep him upright (the pass protection was pretty good Sunday) they will be fine this season. (ii) The kickoff return for a touchdown by Justin Miller could have gone down as one of the greatest plays in Jets history but for (iii) the defensive meltdowns of the Jets in the last two possessions of the game - giving up two touchdowns - will go down in history righ alongside "The Fake Spike" in the infamy side of the lore. I don't think I will ever be able to rationally discuss that game.

I will be attending Game One of the Mets Dodgers plyoff series this Wednesday at 4:00 in the afternoon (mmm mssing work for baseball) with my dad. I will, ala Bill Simmons, attempt to keep a running diary of the action.


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