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Monday, October 16, 2006

Stories and Sports

Round II of Storytellers starts up with some fictional poetry - in the form of a post from non-blogger, Lana, who takes us ina an entirely new direction. I encourage all of you open minded ones to go check it out.

In other news:

After another chag filled with eating, drinking and generally making merry, it was time to pack up the car, drive home and watch 6 hours of TIVO’d sports from a jam packed Sunday. Here are some thoughts:

- The Jets looked ok at best in their win on Sunday. They got a first quarter score (field goal) for the first time in way too long. But, they failed to capitalize on two Joey Harrington interceptions. Pennington looked pretty shaky – lots of passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage – and this was coming off a week where he was horrendous. While he threw no picks, he did put one pass right into the chest of a cornerback who was so surprised that he dropped it. He also called a nice audible out of a run play of the 58 yard touchdown pass to Coles in the third.

Leon Washington is clearly establishing himself as the best Jet rusher. He seems to be able to handle more of a load than as a third down scatback type. He is dynamic, he breaks tackles and he’s fast. I think he should be getting more carried earlier in the game. Kevan Barlow is looking more and more like a bust each week. When Cedric Houston returns from his injury, I would like to see Houston and Washington get the brunt of the work.

The Jets defense (aided by 5 dropped passes and a few errant throws by Harrington) did a great job of shutting down a poor Dolphins offense. So with the score 20-3 late in the game what do the jets do? They employ the old prevent defense – rushing four and dropping seven defenders back. The result: The Dolphins almost came all the way back to tie the game, missing by just a few yards when Olindo Mare’s 51 yard field goal fell short. The question is why? Why allow the other team to get back in the game like that? Why not force Harrington to throw under pressure? This defense cost the Jets dearly in the Colts game and nearly did them in again yesterday.

The Jets had some killer penalties yesterday, extending drives with bad penalties. They need to get this cleaned up.

One other Jets note. The young line is starting to play better. They are beginning to open up some lanes for the running backs and still providing Pennington with adequate pass protection. As the season continues, I will be looking to see this unit start to play a little better every week. Pete Kendall was a good keep. He seems to be a good teacher, especially for Mangold, and he has a serious mean streak. He sealed beautifully on an inside handoff to Washington off a fake end around to Coles.

- What can one say about the Mets? After a disappointing loss in game 2, followed by the end of the Steve Trachsel in New York Era in game three, it was up to Oliver Perez to salvage the series for the Mets. Not exactly an enticing prospect. Did he pitch well? Hell no. But he pitched well enough to get a win while backed by 12 runs by the suddenly awake Mets offense who chased poor, overmatched Anthony Reyes from the game in the fourth and then pounded the “unhittable” Cards bullpen in the sixth.

Watching Carlos Delgado this post-season has been great. He is hitting to all fields and carrying this team. Had it not been for the bullpens disastrous meltdown in game 2, Delgado would be talked about even more.

If the game 5 tonight gets rained out as predicted, it’s a serious advantage to the Mets. It allows Tom Glavine to go on his normal 5 days rest, followed by John Maine on 5 days rest pitching at Shea – where hopefully the crowd can carry him into the sixth inning after 2 very short starts.

- Quick fantasy note – After totally forgetting to fix my roster on Friday, my team is blowing out the hapless MOC by 40 points going into tonight’s cards/Bears game. He needs a stellar night from Rex Grossman (good pickup MOC) and I need a pedestrian game from the thoroughly disappointing Neil Rackers.

Also, Steve Smith is officially recovered from his bad hammy and officially OFF the trading block. Thanks to all of you who made offers. But if you are interested in Chad Johnson……


  • This was one weird fantasy game.

    tomlinson and holt scored 35 points each and I'm still getting slaughtered. I need Grossman to have a career night. I'm probably toast.

    By Blogger MoChassid, at 6:25 PM  

  • Grossman is looking terrble as og halftime. i'm going with Toast Mo.

    By Blogger Elster, at 10:57 PM  

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